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Shade Tree Farms

Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Mike Hirst
Box 517, 5275 W Swamp Rd., Fountainville, PA 18923
Phone: (215) 651-8329

About Us:

I grow and sell a wide range of nursery stock ...arbs ,pines, spruce, viburnums ,birch, burning bushes ect. Over 200 types of plants on our family farm. The farm name is Highland Hill Farm. I am a freshman in college and I am setting up my own nursery. I call it Shade Tree Farm...Let me help you with your plant needs.. I am located in Doylestown Pa.,one mile from the court house on Rt 313.
I grow many types of arborvitae. Arborvitae are commonly used evergreen shrubs or trees useful in urban areas where low maintenance and durability is needed. Many cultivars with forms such as being globed in shape, columnar, or narrow pyramidal, tend to be near buildings, doors, and walkways. Other forms which are larger are used for screens and buffers that are planted in rows.
The form of arborvitae is small, medium, or large depending on the cultivar. Some reach 50', others only 3'. Most prefer full sun to partial sun. Planting in dense shade conditions should be avoided. A moist , well drained, loamy soil in full sunlight are ideal conditions for growing healthy arborvitae. These plants will tolerate rocky, clay, urban conditions of heat drought and pollution. The most important pest we have is bagworms which must be controlled to prevent complete defoliation. Some cultivars have multiple leaders which also prove to be a detraction for the plant. Pruning out multiple leaders in some cultivars is a simple remeady.
Our most popular Arborvitae is the Emerald Green arborvitae. Many people prefer to spell them Arbor Vitae . It is a bright light green color and narrow in shape. It makes a distinctive and impressive natural fence. It is easy to grow ,plant, and keep in shape.

The Hetz Midget arborvitae is a dwarf globe variety. This is a good choice for along walkways and gardens. This is a tough plant that is easy to install and not going to cost a lot. It will maintain its color in the winter and will withstand snow loads well. We carry these plants in 2 and 3 gal. pots. The prices on these dwarfs vary from $15 to $30 depending on size and quanity ordered.
M Hirst

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