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AgMap has just added an event calendar. A business user can post their business events on AgMap. If you alreay have an account and an approved business with AgMap, you may log in to post your business events. If you are an AgMap vistor, you may search and view event calendar for activities around your area.


AgMap is now providing a coupon service. A business user can create and post coupons on AgMap, and send coupons to their customers via email. An approved business is required for users to use this service. If you alreay have an account and an approved business with AgMap, you may log in to use this service now. If you are an AgMap visitor, you may search coupons on AgMap and redeem them from the businesses who posted the coupons.


AgMap image gallery is completely redesigned. Images uploaded to AgMap can be shared by multiple galleries. If images are deleted from gallery/galleries, they may be stored as idle images in AgMap for other uses until you use up your quotas. You can use this function in your account page after you log in.


AgMap let you send emails to your subscribers to promote your businesses and update your customers of your new service and products. Now you can modify your subscribers list by adding or removing subscriber's email addresses. The function is available in your account page. After you sign in your account, under the heading of Your Business Listings, click Add or remove your subscribers link.


AgMap is now nationwide! AgMap provides agricultural businesses throughout the United States an opportunity to promote their products and services. Registration on AgMap requires a $20 annual service fee for businesses outside the state of Pennsylvania. Business located in Pennsylvania may register for FREE. Sign Up Now.

Want to read more about benefits of joining AgMap, please go to Log In page.


We've just added Penn State Cooperative Extension publications to our search engine. Now, you can search for articles from Penn State's ag experts. To start, select "Extension Publications" from the drop down menu above or click on "Publications" in the menu bar.

Our library is still limited at this time, but we're working hard to add more!


We've just added image galleries! Now you can upload photos to be shown on your business and classifieds pages. To start setting up your galleries, go to Your Account and click on "Manage your image galleries".

To see the new image galleries in action, take a look at Montgomery County Cooperative Exension's business page.


Welcome to AgMap 4.0!

We've added quite a few new features, including:

We've also put our site through some major renovations. We hope you like the new look! AgMap should now load much faster for everyone.

AgMap's search engine has been revamped to provide quicker and better results, and also will allow you to search our community message boards and news articles.

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