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  1. 92% Strock's Farm Fresh Meats Pennsylvania Preferred Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
    Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, PA Last updated: 10/10/2005

    Our own fresh dressed turkeys available for the Thanksgiving ... turkeys are fed a corn and soybean ... including pigs, beef, turkey and chicken. Commodities: turkeys, BBQ Sauce, Salad Dressings... Service: Ag Products - Retail Only, Meat Products, Other...

  2. 92% CAPRINE DELIGHT & ROOM-TO GROW Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
    Gettysburg, Adams County, PA Last updated: 11/03/2005

    ... Same location as Caprine Delight Goat Dairy. Broad-Breasted Bronze turkeys and Barred Rock Cross Capon Roasters-pastured on 3 acres of mixed grasses and fed Nature's Best Organic Feed. Commodities: turkeys, turkeys - Heritage, Honey... Service: School Tours, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Farm Market...

  3. 92% Lindenhof
    Kirkwood, Lancaster County, PA Last updated: 12/13/2007

    grass-fed broiler chickens and free-ranging turkeys for sale. Only 10 chickens left to sell. I also am custom raising dairy heifers all on grass pastures. ... Commodities: turkeys, Cattle And Calves, Sheep And Lambs... Service: Other, Meat Products, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale...

  4. 92% Fair View Farms
    Williamsburg, Blair County, PA Last updated: 09/19/2011

    ... Pollination services available within 40 miles. Broadbrested White turkeys wil be available by November 1st. Finally, decoratively wrapped lye soap and ... Commodities: turkeys, turkeys - Heritage, Bees... Service: Meat Products, Ag Products - Retail Only, Bees.

  5. 92% Woodsong Hollow Farm
    Boyertown, Berks County, PA Last updated: 07/24/2008

    turkeys are can be ordered for Thanksgiving ... and we have heritage turkeys as well as the commercial broad breasted white variety. Lamb, goat and pork ... Commodities: turkeys, turkeys - Heritage, Cheese... Service: Ag Products - Organic - Retail/Wholesale, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)...

  6. 92% Towns Edge Farm
    Ligonier, Westmoreland County, PA Last updated: 02/15/2013

    turkeys avaliable by order at Thanksgiving and Christmas, Pork and pork products, beef and beef products, fresh brown eggs from free range hens.Chickens whole ... Commodities: turkeys, Butter, Cheese... Service: Farmland Protection, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Animal Feed...

  7. 92% Old Time Farm
    Stoneboro, Mercer County, PA Last updated: 12/30/2014

    ... Cattle, Partridge Chantecler chickens and Standard (heritage) Bronze turkeys are bred and produced with health, genetics, breed standard adherence and natural ... Commodities: turkeys - Heritage, Cattle And Calves, Fresh Market... Service: Livestock, Meat Products, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale...

  8. 92% Chestnut Acres CSA
    Kinzers, Lancaster County, PA Last updated: 01/27/2005

    We are an organic operation, though not yet certified. In our first year (2005) we are supporting 8 CSA shares, and more shares of eggs and free-range turkeys. Commodities: turkeys, turkeys - Heritage, Pork... Service: Farmland Protection, Meat Products, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)...

  9. 92% Over the Moon Farm
    Rebersburg, Centre County, PA Last updated: 02/21/2006

    ... raise grass-fed beef, pastured pork, free-range chickens, ducks and turkeys, and eggs on our 26 acres of certified organic pasture. All animals except ducks ... Commodities: turkeys, turkeys - Heritage, Organic... Service: Bees, Organic Farming.

  10. 92% Pleasant Food Farm
    Waymart, Wayne County, PA Last updated: 12/11/2004

    We anticipate adding turkeys and pork next year and possibly ... beef, pork, turkeys and let us know if you'd like rabbit and duck (meat and eggs). Commodities: turkeys, Beef, Ground Beef... Service: Ag Products - Retail Only, Meat Products, Farm Stand.

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