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  1. 100% CompostCritter Greenhouses representing Solexx
    Ringtown, Schuylkill County, PA Last updated: 11/01/2010

    Can-of-worms vermiculture systems,... The Worm Factory 360 vermiculture system, red wiggler worms ... As long as the greenhouse is firmly ... Commodities: Fertilizer, redworms, Worm Castings. Service: Master Gardener, Ag Products - Organic - Retail/Wholesale, Ag Products - Retail Only...

  2. 54% specialtworms
    Stroudsburg, Monroe County, PA Last updated: 09/12/2012

    red wigglers red ... wigglers Known as the Kings of the ... red wigglers will consume ... Bed-Run Bulk Prices: Bed- Run ... Commodities: redworms, Other, Other... Service: Master Gardener, Other, Agricultural Statistics...

  3. 47% Barlow Worm Composing LLC
    Gettysburg, Adams County, PA Last updated: 10/21/2014

    commonly known as the “red wiggler.... to kill potential pathogens and weed seeds before feeding to our worms.... ? Worm castings are the waste ... Commodities: Worm Castings. Service: Ag Products - Retail Only, Fertilizer.

  4. 23%
    Stroudsburg, Monroe County, PA Last updated: 08/08/2011

    We sell red worms and worm castings ... go to 570 629 0847 for ... red worms/composting worms/ ... ... Commodities: redworms, Other, Worm Castings... Service: Master Gardener, Fertilizer, Greenhouse...

  5. 22% Ben's Bait
    Middletown, Dauphin County, PA Last updated: 02/22/2007

    We have a large variety of live bait such as:worms (red worms,wax ... worms,... meal worms, night crawlers, and chartreuse crawlers),shiners ... Commodities: Bait, Food, redworms.

  6. 20% Willow Spring Wholesale Bait
    Huntingdon, Huntingdon County, PA Last updated: 03/03/2014

    including night crawlers, red worms,... wax worms,... meal worms, fathead minnows, shiners, and more.... Commodities: Bait. Service: Aquaculture (Fish).

  7. 19% L. Kearns & Son's Worm Farm
    Johnstown, Cambria County, PA Last updated: 06/18/2012

    raised, and culture nightcrawlers and red worms for retail and ... We also sale live bait ( Mealworm, Wax worms, Maggots, Crickets, Fathead minnows, ... Commodities: redworms, Other, Worm Castings... Service: Soils - Manufactured, Other, Ag Products - Organic - Retail/Wholesale...

  8. 16% Kurtz Fish Hatchery
    Elverson, Chester County, PA Last updated: 01/26/2015

    Night Crawlers, Garden worms,... Blackheads, Meal worms,... Wax worms,... Butter worms and Blood(Sea) worms, ... Spikes, Leeches, ... Commodities: redworms, Aquatic Plants, Mollusks... Service: School Tours, Other, Hatchery...

  9. 14%
    Ringtown, Schuylkill County, PA Last updated: 10/20/2010

    newspaper, water, and some red worms.... Next, you will want to add to red worms.... Make sure they are covered slightly by a layer of wet ... Commodities: redworms, Other, Worm Castings... Service: Soils - Manufactured, Workshops, Ag Products - Organic - Retail/Wholesale...

  10. 14% Orner Farms, Inc.
    Rockton, Clearfield County, PA Last updated: 04/03/2003

    Orner Farms is a family-owned dairy farm located in West Central PA. To diversify our operation, we started making a horticultural compost from our dairy manure and ... Commodities: redworms, Manure, Worm Castings... Service: School Tours, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Supplies - Horticultural.

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