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  1. 100% Deep Well Farm
    Crystal Spring, Fulton County, PA Last updated: 09/27/2007

    mini Rex,... Satins, and French Lops; Pygmy and ADGA registered nubian and Toggenburg goats; ... Rabbits. We have mini Rex rabbits available: castor, Commodities: goats, Horses - General, Horses... Service: 4-H Animal Production , Livestock, Supplies - Livestock...

  2. 97% M&B Farview Farm Pennsylvania Preferred
    Hamburg, Berks County, PA Last updated: 12/10/2012

    We raise mini jersey and mini hereford ... Angus and milking devon Cattle, Tamworth and old spots pigs, nubian and oberhasli goats,range ... Commodities: goats, Honey, Cheese... Service: Other, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Farm Market...

  3. 67% Black Velvet Farms
    Boiling Springs, Cumberland County, PA Last updated: 06/05/2008

    is currently heading towards the second year of raising boer and nubian goats.... Our goal is to have solid healthy boer goats and nubian goats ... Commodities: goats. Service: 4-H Animal Production , Other, Livestock...

  4. 63% Anawim Farm
    Scenery Hill, Washington County, PA Last updated: 03/16/2005

    I raise Boer Meat goats;... Full Blood, Pure Bred and Cross bred with Kiko and nubians;... nubian Dairy goats and Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs. Commodities: goats, Other Than Alfalfa, Other... Service: Supplies - Livestock, Supplies - Farming, Other...

  5. 56% Mini Lift
    York Haven, York County, PA Last updated: 07/12/2011

    mini Horses,... mini Donkeys,... Alpacas, goats,... Several years ago, I designed and built the first mini Lift to allow for the safe ... Commodities: Horses - General, Horses. Service: Equipment - Horses, Supplies - Livestock, Engineering - Machinery...

  6. 50% Cranberry Creek Farm
    Cresco, Monroe County, PA Last updated: 01/08/2011

    ... Farm is a small-scale farmstead goat cheese operation. We raise nubian and Saanen dairy goats that supply the milk for our handcrafted artisan cheeses. Commodities: goats, Honey, Salad Dressings... Service: School Tours, Ag Products - Organic - Retail/Wholesale, Animal Feed...

  7. 50% Julie & Greg Perry
    Towanda, Bradford County, PA Last updated: 07/11/2010

    Dwarf Nigerian goats,... miniature nubian goats, ... Boer goats and Sheep / lambs available. The heirloom gardens are looking promising ... Commodities: goats, Cattle And Calves, Hogs And Pigs... Service: Ag Products - Retail Only, Farm Stand, Livestock...

  8. 46% Good Shepherd Fiber Farm
    Towanda, Bradford County, PA Last updated: 03/09/2006

    ... as I'm just starting. I also have sheep for sale, and will have meat goats and nubian dairy goats at times. Please call for information any ... Commodities: goats, Rabbits, Sheep And Lambs... Service: Ag Products - Retail Only, Animal Care - Grooming, Animal Care - Hoof Trimming...

  9. 46% Copper M Farms
    Laurys Station, Lehigh County, PA Last updated: 01/18/2009

    Raising nubian goats. Currently, have 2 does, 1 buck and a whether and are expanding. Offering breeding services if you have a doe that you would like ... Commodities: goats, Chickens - Layers, Eggs. Service: Livestock.

  10. 46% Conestoag Manufacturing LLC
    Witmer, Lancaster County, PA Last updated: 10/04/2004

    Conestoga Manufacturing has two different models of mini manure spreaders available. ... In 2005 there will be a 50 PTO available. These mini manure spreaders are idel for ATV's or garden tractors. Service: Other, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Equipment - Farming...

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