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  1. 100% Agricultural Alternatives: Feeder Lamb Production [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Feeder lamb production is a livestock enterprise adaptableto small-scale and part-time farms in Pennsylvania. Feederlambs are purchased as premarket-weight lambs, fed to adesirable market weight, and then sold. When purchased,lambs can weigh as little as 35 pounds or less and as muchas 60 pounds. These lambs are usually marketed at 110pounds through local auctions, slaughterhouses, brokers,and individuals. In recent years, direct markets, nichemarkets, tel-a-auctions, and marketing cooperatives havebecome popular for selling lambs. The wool is sold throughlocal and national markets, brokers, and wool cooperatives."

  2. 95% Agricultural Alternatives: Off-Season and Holiday Lamb Production [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Of the approximately 160,000 Pennsylvania lambs marketedeach year, 30 percent are sold as off-season and holidaylambs. These lambs are marketed using both conventional(auctions, slaughterhouses, and brokers) and nonconventional(niche markets, specialty stores, and direct marketing)methods. The ideal market weight is 110 pounds for offseasonlambs and 40 to 45 pounds for holiday lambs."

  3. 90% <I>Livestock Notes</I>
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    " <div><span class="StdItalic">Livestock Notes 2000:</span><div style="margin-left : 20px;"><a href="/newsletters/LNmar2000.pdf">Mar</a> <a href="/newsletters/LNdec2000.pdf">Dec</a> </div> <span class="StdItalic">Livestock Notes 1999:</span><div style="margin-left : 20px;"><a href="/newsletters/LNdec99.pdf">Dec</a></div> </div>"

  4. 76% 4-H Market Goat Project Reference Guide
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "This link will provide information on how to start your own 4-H market goat project. It includes everything from getting started to the different breeds of goats."

  5. 76% Pennsylvania 4-H Market Swine Reference [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Welcome to the 4-H market swine project! Thisproject can be an unforgettable learning experience.You will do many things that will helpyou grow personally and develop skills thatwill help you become a more responsible person.Skills you learn from raising a pig will bevaluable in the future and will carry over intoother aspects of your experience as a 4-H?er. Wehope you will have fun, too."

  6. 76% Procedures for Tattooing Market Hogs [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "The United States Department of Agriculture is requiring meat processors to maintain unique identity and the farm of origin for all show pigs purchased for slaughter. Hatfield Quality Meats has been a strong supporter of Pennsylvania?s county fairs and the Pennsylvania Farm Show and will continue to support the youth exhibitors at these events. In order to comply with the USDA directive, Hatfield now requires that all show hogs be uniquely tattooed before they are transported to the processing plant."

  7. 75% Ag Alternatives: Rabbit Production [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Rabbit farming has grown from raising a few rabbits forfamily consumption to large commercial operations withhundreds of rabbits. Approximately 200,000 producersmarket 6 to 8 million rabbits annually in the United States,where 8 to 10 million pounds of rabbit meat are consumedeach year. Laboratories use nearly 600,000 rabbits a year for medical experiments and new product testing. On theinternational market, nearly 10,000 tons of Angora wool areconsumed annually."

  8. 75% Agricultural Alternatives: Dairy Goat Production [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Dairy goat production is an alternative livestock enterprisesuitable for many small-scale or part-time livestock operations.Some dairy goat producers have been successful inpasteurizing goat milk and building an on-farm juggingbusiness; others have ventured into processed milk productsfor retail distribution. The potential also exists for selling milk to processors, usually on a regional basis. Although fluid milk and processed products are important markets, dairy goat producers should also consider the potential for selling animals to hobbyists and youth involved in vocational agriculture livestock projects."

  9. 75% Preventing Non-Ambulatory Cows
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Proper management practices need to be implemented to help prevent non-ambulatory animals. This video provides information on safe handling practices and facilities for producers, haulers, and auction personnel. The procedures outlined can help avoid stress and injury to animals both on the farm and in the market chain."

  10. 63% Agronomy Facts 38B: A nutrient management approach for Pennsylvania: Plant nutrient stocks and flows
    Source: Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Publications

    "Almost all decision-making in agriculture, in the boardrooms of industry or on the tractor seats of farms, affects the distribution of materials such as crops and manure within farms, and the movement of materials such as feeds and farm products to and from farms. Most common farm materials contain important plant nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and are moved as part of the everyday activities of farming and agriculture. As a result, the many factors considered in each management decision affect plant nutrient distribution and have implications for nutrient management to meet the many expectations."

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