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  1. 48% Horse Manure: The Renewable And Valuable Resource:
    Date: August 25, 2004
    Source: Horse Newsletter - Penn State

  2. 48% Horse Manure: The Renewable And Valuable Resource:
    Date: November 23, 2004
    Source: Horse Newsletter - Penn State

  3. 48% Stink Raised Over Psu Manure
    Date: August 10, 2005

    "STATE COLLEGE -- Last week stunk like something rancid. It was a creeping, mysterious odor. It came in pungent waves on the wind, carrying unusual strength and staying power."

  4. 48% One Idea: Use Chicken Manure To Clean Mines
    Date: September 15, 2005
    Source: The Daily Times

    "ANNAPOLIS -- Western Maryland mine operators and Eastern Shore poultry growers may have a common solution to their biggest environmental headaches. The chicken farmers' problem?"

  5. 48% Manure-slurry-enriched Cover Crop Seeding
    Date: October 14, 2005
    Source: Penn State Field Crop News

    "A new method of cover crop seeding with manure application is under investigation by the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University."

  6. 48% Energy From Manure Digestion In Pa
    Date: May 27, 2006
    Source: Solanco News

    "Thirty years ago, researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences operated an experimental manure digester on the University Park Campus in Centre County. In the midst of an energy crisis brought on by uncertainty about the flow of Middle Eastern oil, the pilot project was thought to have considerable promise for demonstrating how biogas could be produced from animal manures on Pennsylvania farms.Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences recently received U.S. Department of Agriculture funding for research that will address key profitability and performance challenges with establishing and operating on-farm digesters and developing standards for digester design. "

  7. 48% Spinach Contamination Linked To Manure On Ranch
    Date: October 09, 2006
    Source: Agriculture:General headlines

    " Health officials said Friday they pinpointed cow manure on a Salinas Valley ranch as a source of E. coli with DNA that matches a strain that killed three people and made at least 200 ill. "

  8. 48% Lcra Turning Manure Into Power
    Date: December 04, 2006
    Source: Agriculture:General headlines

    " The Lower Colorado River Authority -- which generates and sells electricity to more than 1.1 million Texans -- has a unique solution for the state's natural gas supply crunch: Cows, specifically their waste. "

  9. 48% Scientists: Maggots Could Feed Trout, Cut Manure
    Date: September 18, 2007
    Source: Casper Star-Tribune

    "BOISE, Idaho -- Cow manure. Fish guts. Black soldier fly maggots. It could soon be dinner, if you're an Idaho rainbow trout."

  10. 48% Cleaning Up The Atmosphere With Cow Manure
    Date: April 04, 2008
    Source: PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance

    " High quality carbon offsets provider NativeEnergy is proud to announce the Brubaker Farms' family dairy farm methane project, a new anaerobic digester/generator system built in reliance on carbon offset funding provided by NativeEnergy and grants from the State of Pennsylvania and U.S."

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