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  1. 92% State Scientists Study Honeybee Problems
    Date: November 26, 2007
    Source: The Patriot-News

    "Using forceps and a steady hand, Mike Andree removed 10 dead bees from a capped bottle. A bee researcher for the state Department of Agriculture in Harrisburg, he dried the first bee on a paper towel, then picked it up and used tiny scissors to make two incisions into the wee abdomen."

  2. 92% Scientists Seek Causes Of Deaths Of Bee Colonies
    Date: December 26, 2007
    Source: The Appleton Post-Crescent

    "When entomologists began talking about colony collapse disorder where colonies of bees simply disappeared from hives many folks took it to be a disease."

  3. 92% Honey Bee Losses Felt In North Country
    Date: April 21, 2008
    Source: Plattsburgh Press Republican

    "PLATTSBURGH -- The continued unexplained loss of honey bees will be the main topic at the upcoming Champlain Valley Beekeepers Association Spring 2008 Seminar."

  4. 92% State Devotes More Money To Research Mystery Bee Ailment
    Date: May 06, 2008
    Source: Centre Daily Times

    "Pennsylvania's Agriculture Department is devoting more money to research what's behind the mysterious ailment plaguing honey bees."

  5. 92% Honey Bee Deaths Under Investigation In Pa.
    Date: May 07, 2008
    Source: CBS 3 Philadelphia

    "Pennsylvania 's Agriculture Department is devoting more money to research what's behind the mysterious ailment plaguing honey bees."

  6. 92% Bee Population Still Drops, But Farmers Make Do
    Date: May 25, 2008
    Source: The Patriot-News

    "Bees that are sick or have mysteriously abandoned their hives have lowered the population of the little insects who pollinate fruits and vegetables. Despite the effects of varora mites and Colony Collapse Disorder on bee numbers, Pennsylvania farmers have been able to hire enough bees for pollination -- at a higher price."

  7. 92% Colonies In Collapse: What's Causing Massive Honeybee Die-offs?
    Date: November 12, 2008
    Source: PhysOrg

    "“To the bee, a flower is a fountain of life, and to the flower, a bee is a messenger of love,” wrote poet Kahlil Gibran. Whether or not love is involved in the exchange, the evolutionary dance between pollen-transporting honey bees and nectar-producing flowers is one of nature`s most extraordinary symbiotic relationships, a hundred million years in the making."

  8. 92% Bee Decline Continues, Frustrates Researchers
    Date: December 08, 2008
    Source: Penn State Collegian

    "It's been two years since Dennis vanEngelsdorp began searching for the reason why bees nationwide are dying -- and after two years of 60-hour weeks, he's frustrated to say he still doesn't have an answer."

  9. 92% 'no Proof' Of Bee Killer Theory
    Date: March 05, 2009
    Source: BBC News

    "Scientists say there is no proof that a mysterious disease blamed for the deaths of billions of bees actually exists, the BBC has been told."

  10. 92% Beekeeping Is Sweet Deal For Honey Queen
    Date: April 07, 2009
    Source: Centre Daily Times

    "SMULLTON — A sheet of newspaper separated Maya Althouse’s hand from 3 pounds of bees"

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