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  1. 100% Pappy's Pumpkin Patch Pennsylvania Preferred Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
    Mt. Joy, Lancaster County, PA Last updated: 01/20/2004

    ... corn and pumpkins with a minimum order. We will deliver pumpkins, indian corn and other Fall ornamentals to groups(especially school groups) for fund raisers beginning about September 15 through October. Commodities: Annuals, Cut Flowers, Ornamentals... Service: Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Farm Stand, Orchard.

  2. 99% Brook Lawn Farm Market Pennsylvania Preferred
    Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA Last updated: 02/06/2015

    nectarines (white & yellow), apples, pears, pumpkins, indian corn,... Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins and Gourds on scheduled rides to the pumpkin patch Fridays and Saturdays in October! Commodities: Asparagus - Fresh Market, Honey, Blackberry... Service: School Tours, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Christmas Trees...

  3. 99% Dymonds Farm and Farm Markets Pennsylvania Preferred
    Dallas, Luzerne County, PA Last updated: 02/04/2005

    ... Raspberries, and Blackberries. Fall season there will Pumpkins, indian Corn, Gourds, and hayrides the month of October. Also check out Dymonds Farm Market ... Commodities: Honey, Blackberry, Blueberry... Service: School Tours, Orchard, Farm Market...

  4. 99% Pete's Produce Farm
    West Chester, Chester County, PA Last updated: 02/04/2006

    pa.... Pete's opens for business when the first stalks of Asparagus poke thru in April until ... Straw, Corn Stalks, indian Corn, Swags, and much ... Commodities: Asparagus - Fresh Market, pallets, Honey... Service: Ag Products - Organic - Retail/Wholesale, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Farm Market...

  5. 98% Gray's Apple Ridge Pennsylvania Preferred
    Jonestown, Lebanon County, PA Last updated: 01/09/2013

    indian corn,... often pick their own special apples and pumpkins without their parents help.... parents,... grandparents and children like to ... Commodities: Baked Goods, Jam, Jelly... Service: Cooperative Extension, Other, School Tours...

  6. 98% Indian Orchards Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
    Media, Delaware County, PA Last updated: 08/05/2017

    We are a 100 year old, small family farm with fruits and vegetables sustainably or organically grown. Already-picked or Pick-Your-Own Fruit: raspberries, blueberries, ... Commodities: Honey, Blackberry, Blueberry... Service: AgriTourism, Cooperative Extension, School Tours...

  7. 98% Renshaw Family Farms
    Freeport, Armstrong County, PA Last updated: 06/10/2010

    We had been a dairy farm for the first 153 years. Over the past few years we have gone ... Picnics, Reunions, Graduation party,... your own pumpkin ... Commodities: Shelled Corn, Alfalfa, Grass Hay... Service: AgriTourism, School Tours, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale...

  8. 98% Foxy Farms
    Montrose, Susquehanna County, PA Last updated: 06/24/2013

    We also grow hay, oats, potatoes, apples, and herbs. We have pasture raised Guinea Hogs (A ... Heritage Breed Hog)and free-range indian Runner Ducks and offer eggs that are EXCELLENT for baking !. Commodities: Apple Butter, Oats, Cut Flowers... Service: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Farm Stand, Livestock...

  9. 97% Masonic Village Farm Market Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
    Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, PA Last updated: 01/29/2016

    Also specializing in brown eggs, baked goods, asparagus,... Other fall decorations are also available including indian corn, gourds, squash, neck pumpkins ... Commodities: pancake Mixes, Asparagus - Fresh Market, Honey... Service: School Tours, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Farm Market...

  10. 96% Indian Springs Farm
    Red Lion, York County, PA Last updated: 08/21/2002

    Commodities: Llamas, Felt, Fiber. Service: Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Animal Breeding, Animal Production...

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