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  1. 25% Lorahs Pig Roasters/Farm Market
    Walnutport, Northampton County, PA Last updated: 06/22/2010

    We have roasting pigs and chickens for sale.... in season produce, fresh eggs, and farm feeds such as corn, oats, hay and straw.... Commodities: Shelled corn, corn - Field, corn - Sweet... Service: Animal Feed, Farm Market, Meat Products...

  2. 25% Bob Davis Farms
    Ebensburg, Cambria County, PA Last updated: 10/30/2005

    Our major crops are corn,... Our specialty crops are pumpkins and sweet corn.... they are very popular at halloween. We sell both wholesale and retail and can deliver ... Commodities: corn - Field, corn - Sweet, Alfalfa... Service: Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Animal Feed.

  3. 25% Dills Family Farm Market
    Spring Mills, Centre County, PA Last updated: 06/02/2006

    Our corn is picked fresh every morning ... This year our varities include,... We do sell corn by the bushel for freezing, ... please contact ... Commodities: Pears - Fresh Market, corn - Sweet, Apples - Fresh Market... Service: Ag Products - Retail Only, Farm Market.

  4. 25% Holsopple Feed Mill
    Hollsopple, Somerset County, PA Last updated: 03/14/2007

    ... a Joy pet food and Buckeye feed dealer. We also sell and deliver corn burning furnaces and stoves.... Commodities: Shelled corn, Blended Feed Rations, Distiller's Grain... Service: Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, corn Furnaces, corn Stoves...

  5. 25% Kehr Family Farm Pennsylvania Preferred
    Littlestown, Adams County, PA Last updated: 09/26/2012

    We are currently offering sweet corn during the summer growing ... We are planning to expand to offer raspberries in the near future.... When sweet ... Commodities: Blueberry, corn - Sweet. Service: Other, Farmland Protection, Ag Products - Retail Only.

  6. 25% Cotton Spring Farm
    Alverton, Westmoreland County, PA Last updated: 05/26/2009

    The original farm has been in the family for years.... 225 acres at the home farms. We farm 1200 acres in hay, corn, soybean, and other commodities. ... Commodities: corn - Field, corn - Silage, Milk... Service: Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, corn Stoves, 4-H Animal Production ...

  7. 24% Charlann Farms Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
    Yardley, Bucks County, PA Last updated: 01/15/2016

    We have been in business for over 75 years!... Samuel Hillborn started the farm on Stonyhill Road (Woodside) many years ago.... We are fourth-generation ... Commodities: Shelled corn, corn Stalks - Decorative Use, corn - Field... Service: Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Crop - corn Drying, Crop - corn Picking...

  8. 24% Renshaw Family Farms
    Freeport, Armstrong County, PA Last updated: 06/10/2010

    We had been a dairy farm for the first 153 years.... Over the past few years we have gone under some ... - Timothy / Orchard Grass Mix - Alfalfa ... Commodities: Shelled corn, corn Stalks - Decorative Use, Alfalfa... Service: Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Entertainment - corn Maze, AgriTourism...

  9. 24% Fabin Brothers Farm
    Indiana, Indiana County, PA Last updated: 10/20/2011

    ... grain handling and storgage, and cow calf operations. Grow: corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, hay, silage, straw Raise: Beef cows and feeder calves Process/sell: ... Commodities: Shelled corn, corn - Field, corn - Silage... Service: Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, Ag Products - Wholesale Only, corn Stoves...

  10. 24% Scenic View Farm
    Smithton, Westmoreland County, PA Last updated: 08/14/2001

    Commodities: corn - Sweet, Other Than Alfalfa, Cattle And Calves... Service: Meat Products, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale.

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