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  1. 5% Kaiser's Farm
    Susquehanna, Susquehanna County, PA Last updated: 03/07/2014

    We are currently closed for business and are not going to be opening for the 2014 season. Commodities: Apples - Fresh Market, Assorted - Fresh Market, Canteloupes - Fresh Market... Service: crop - Corn Picking, crop - Planting, crop - Plowing...

  2. 5% CON-GER Farms
    Lebanon, Lebanon County, PA Last updated: 09/20/2004

    CON-GER Farms specializes in Timothy Grass Hay in 3x3x7 bails. We have straw for sale in the same size. Field corn and soybeans are also available for sale. We also ... Commodities: Other Than Alfalfa, Straw, Other... Service: crop - Combining, crop - Hay Making, crop - Tilling...

  3. 5% Hidden Acres Farms Pennsylvania Preferred
    Manheim, Lancaster County, PA Last updated: 02/03/2007

    Commodities: Straw, Cattle And Calves, Hogs And Pigs... Service: crop - Tilling, crop - Irrigation, crop - Planting...

  4. 5% Kel-Krop Liquid Fertilizer & Seeds, LLC
    Bernville, Berks County, PA Last updated: 07/06/2016

    My focus is to sell farmers and cropland products to improve soil health to resist diceases, fungus,and even weeds. Commodities: crops, Fertilizer, Deer. Service: crop Farm, crop - Fertilizing, crop - Planting...

  5. 5% Hillcrest Dairy
    Gettysburg, Adams County, PA Last updated: 07/05/2017

    Commodities: Milk, Distiller's Grain, Roasted Beans... Service: crop - Grain Hauling, crop - Planting, crop - Seeding Alfalfa...

  6. 5% Little Britain Ag Supply,Inc.
    Quarryville, Lancaster County, PA Last updated: 01/04/2012

    ... the Agrotain Super Nitrogen products,agrichemicals,Garst crop seeds and related farm supplies, and the custom application of such materials. LBAS, also ... Commodities: crops, Turfgrass, Barley... Service: crop - Combining, crop - Forage Management, crop - Seeding Alfalfa...

  7. 5% The Produce Crib Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
    Nazareth, Northampton County, PA Last updated: 04/15/2013

    "Juniperdale Farms "The Produce Crib". Our "motto" is we want to sell only what we grow. During the fall we do sell mums from other local vendors. We grow a variety ... Commodities: Honey, Blackberry, Blueberry... Service: crop - Combining, crop - Corn Drying, crop - Corn Picking...

  8. 5% Sterman Masser Inc. Pennsylvania Preferred
    Sacramento, Schuylkill County, PA Last updated: 05/31/2005

    The Masser family has been farming in the Sacramento area since 1959 when Sterman and Geraldine Masser rented land in Sacramento owned by Sterman’s uncle Ralph Masser. ... Commodities: crops, Alfalfa, Other Than Alfalfa... Service: crop - Corn Drying, crop - Cultivating, crop - Disking...

  9. 5% Shamrock Mills, LLC
    Paxinos, Northumberland County, PA Last updated: 02/22/2010

    ... pets. Shamrock Mills also sells seed and fertilizer for all your crop farming needs. Seeds are available from the following companies; Garst, NK, Doeblers, ... Commodities: crop Preservatives, crops, Blended Feed Rations... Service: crop - Forage Management, crop - Cleaning Grain Seed, crop - Fertilizing...

  10. 5% Cherry Hill Farms
    Clymer, Indiana County, PA Last updated: 11/29/2016

    ... for over 100 years in Indiana County PA. The farm specializes in row crop production. We pride ourselves is the products we grow and sell. We specialize ... Commodities: crops, Oats, Shelled Corn... Service: crop - Corn Drying, crop - Corn Picking, crop - Grain Hauling...

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