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  1. 6% Alpha Spring Farm
    Mill Hall, Clinton County, PA Last updated: 05/29/2018

    Hay production, small squares, rounds. Grain: Shelled and ear corn, soybeans, black oil sunflower seed, rye grain and straw. Commodities: crops, Blueberry, Sunflowers... Service: crop - Field Mowing, crop - Hay Making, crop - Nutrient Management...

  2. 6% Stoney Run Acres
    Dillsburg, York County, PA Last updated: 08/17/2005

    Commodities: BBQ Sauce, Salad Dressings, Cut Flowers... Service: crop - Plowing, crop - Tilling, crop - Disking...

  3. 6% Peary Farming
    Addison, Somerset County, PA Last updated: 03/06/2007

    offering shell corn, deer corn, burner corn, ear corn, buckwheat soybeans and soft red wheat. for sale NOW OFFERING ROASTING AND DRYING OR GRAIN..... Buckwheat ... Commodities: crops, Roasted Beans, Shelled Corn... Service: crop - Harrowing, crop - Fertilizing, crop - Disking...

  4. 6% Small Valley Milling Pennsylvania Preferred
    Halifax, Dauphin County, PA Last updated: 07/19/2007

    Commodities: Shelled Corn, Flour, Beef... Service: crop - Cleaning Grain Seed, crop - Corn Drying, crop - Grain Storage...

  5. 6% Ag Air, LLC
    Thomasville, York County, PA Last updated: 03/25/2009

    ... of aerial application such as gypsy moth, black fly, mosquito, crop application (insecticide and fertilize), forestry spraying, christmas tree spraying, etc.... Service: crop - Aerial Spraying, crop - Fertilizing, crop - Pest Management...

  6. 6% Just Enuff Angus
    Nazareth, Northampton County, PA Last updated: 08/04/2009

    Registered Angus Cattle and Club Calves. We specialize in TAME calves for feeders, show stock, or breeding stock. 15 years and counting! Commodities: Manure, Cattle And Calves, Beef... Service: crop - Fertilizing, crop - Field Mowing, crop - Forage Management...

  7. 6% Agri-Applicators,Inc.
    Lebanon, Lebanon County, PA Last updated: 08/18/2010

    Commodities: Manure. Service: crop - Manure Brokering, crop - Manure Brokering - Certification, crop - Manure Hauling...

  8. 6% Crying Hawk Farm
    Quakertown, Bucks County, PA Last updated: 01/13/2012

    Commodities: Shelled Corn, Soybean Hull Pellets, Grass Hay... Service: crop - Corn Picking, crop - Cultivating, crop - Disking...

  9. 6% Griffin Farm Pennsylvania Preferred
    Prospect, Butler County, PA Last updated: 01/19/2002

    Commodities: Straw, Other Than Alfalfa, Soybean... Service: crop - Combining, crop - Corn Drying, crop - Grain Storage...

  10. 6% Maille Consulting Services
    Harborcreek, Erie County, PA Last updated: 07/16/2004

    ... nutrution with emphasis on soil fertility management, integrated cropping, pest identification, tillage practices, environmental monitoring and also government ... Service: crop - Forage Management, crop - Nutrient Management, crop - General Consulting Services...

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