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  1. 95% CTE Mfg.
    Lititz,, Lancaster County, PA Last updated: 02/15/2003

    We have a small choose & cut christmas tree farm that is ... & Dec. for pre-tagging & cutting. We own & operate CTE Mfg.-christmas tree Equipment Manufacturing. Commodities: christmas trees - Live, christmas trees - Cut, Blackberry... Service: Forestry - tree Planting, Orchard, Equipment - Forestry...

  2. 95% Mock's Greenhouse and Landscaping Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
    Windber, Somerset County, PA Last updated: 09/03/2008

    Cut-your-own or already cut christmas trees to include douglas ... water garden installation, cut christmas trees,and year round hydroponic ... Commodities: christmas trees - Cut, Annuals, Bedding / Garden Plants (Flats)... Service: christmas trees, Ag Products - Retail Only, Greenhouse...

  3. 95% Bishop's Nursery
    Pittston, Luzerne County, PA Last updated: 08/06/2004

    Bishop's Nursery is a third generation family run choose and cut christmas tree retailer for over 40 years. We specialize in Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Concolor ... Commodities: Nursery Plants, Perennials, christmas trees - Cut. Service: christmas trees, Nursery.

  4. 95% S&S Trees, LLC
    Milroy, Mifflin County, PA Last updated: 03/05/2014

    Many years ago we began growing christmas trees.... Five years ago we expanded into shade and flowering trees.... shade and flowering trees.... ... Commodities: christmas Wreaths & Trimmings, christmas trees - Live, christmas trees - Cut... Service: christmas trees, Forestry - Custom On-site tree Digging, Forestry - tree Planting...

  5. 95% Lone Oak Farm
    Monongahela, Washington County, PA Last updated: 02/17/2005

    We are a family owned and operated christmas tree farm.... You can roam our fields to select and cut your perfect tree from 6 different varieties. Commodities: christmas trees - Live, christmas trees - Cut. Service: School Tours, Ag Products - Retail Only, christmas trees.

  6. 95% E-Mar Acres Tree Farm
    Saltsburg, Indiana County, PA Last updated: 01/22/2009

    E-Mar Acres is a family-owned tree farm and we've been in business ... We have christmas trees available in ... 222 Point Street, Saltsburg, ... Commodities: christmas trees - Live, Balled & Burlapped, christmas trees - Cut. Service: Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale, christmas trees.

  7. 95% Cloverdale Farms, Inc.
    Weatherly, Carbon County, PA Last updated: 03/23/2005

    is a wholesale grower of balled and burlapped and christmas trees.... with a wide variety of quality evergreens and shade/ornamental trees. Cloverdale ... Commodities: christmas trees - Live, christmas trees - Cut, Nursery Plants... Service: Nursery, christmas trees.

    Pottstown, Chester County, PA Last updated: 03/23/2005

    We are a small family owned Chose and Cut christmas tree farm.... we planted our first trees in 1988 and opened for business ... The tree ... Commodities: christmas trees - Cut. Service: christmas trees, Pick-Your-Own.

  9. 95% Sugar-Bend Tree Farm
    Sugar Run, Bradford County, PA Last updated: 03/29/2005

    Sugar-Bend christmas tree farm has been ... in operation since 1984 providing quality christmas trees.... We offer shaking; stand-straight ... Commodities: Ornamentals, christmas trees - Cut. Service: christmas trees, Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale.

  10. 95% Sugar Valley Nursery
    Ickesburg, Perry County, PA Last updated: 04/07/2005

    christmas trees: Wholesale ... Choose and cut: tag trees early,... Weather proof tags provided for tagging trees.... Cut your own--saws ... Commodities: christmas trees - Live, Ornamental / Landscaping, christmas trees - Cut. Service: christmas trees, Nursery, Pick-Your-Own.

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