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  1. 100% High-priced Dna From Model Bucks Turns Into A Hefty Profit
    Date: February 28, 2007
    Source: The Daily Item

    "DANVILLE — For about the price of a good computer, you can order a straw of Spongebob's semen."

  2. 91% Barley Update
    Date: August 05, 2005
    Source: Penn State Field Crop News

    "Our barley this year yielded more than I expected, and averaged over 100 bushels per acre in our variety tests. Our test at Landisville was a bit lower, but did surprisingly well too. Growers who had similar grain and good straw yields and prices were pleased with the crop."

  3. 87% Wheat Head Scab Prediction Models Available
    Date: April 30, 2004
    Source: Penn State Field Crop News

    "Wheat head scab (Fusarium head blight) was a serious problem for many wheat and barley producers in PA this past season."

  4. 87% 2004-2005 Pennsylvania Winter Barley Performance Trials Preliminary Reports
    Date: August 09, 2005
    Source: Penn State Crop Management Extension Alerts

    "The 2004-2005 Pennsylvania Winter Barley Performance Trials Preliminary Reports are now available as sortable tables on the Small Grains Management site."

  5. 87% State's Farmers Expect Rise In Harvests Over 2005
    Date: July 23, 2006
    Source: Reading Eagle

    "Pennsylvania farmers this year expect to harvest more acres than in 2005 of sorghum for grain, soybeans, winter wheat, barley, hay and burley tobacco."

  6. 80% Agriculture Department Warns Consumers Of Tainted Raw Milk Sold By Perry County Dairy
    Date: April 23, 2008
    Source: PR Newswire via Yahoo! News

    " Raw Milk Sales Resume for Lebanon County Dairy"

  7. 79% Turning Agriculture Byproducts Into Homes
    Date: August 09, 2011

    "A group of students and educators in northeast Kansas have been learning recently about a relatively new building technique — constructing a home with 18-inch thick straw bale walls, with lumber at the corners and bamboo rods for extra support. The Lawrence-Journal World reports the technique creates a well-insulated home and makes use of an agricultural byproduct. However, many cities, including Lawrence, won’t approve plans for a straw bale home unless it comes with a detailed engineering report or tests to prove the integrity of the structure, the report says."

  8. 79% Agricultural Waste Could Be Used As Biofuel
    Date: March 26, 2015
    Source: Agriculture News

    "Straw-powered cars could be a thing of the future thanks to new research from the University of East Anglia . A new study pinpoints five strains of yeast capable of turning agricultural by-products, such as straw, sawdust and corncobs, into bioethanol -- a well-known alcohol-based biofuel."

  9. 70% Scientists Identify Specific Barley Tissues Infected By Scab
    Date: February 22, 2010
    Source: USDA Agricultural Research Service

    "Recent studies involving the fungus that causes the disease known as scab in barley have helped Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists identify the specific tissues the fungus infects. The fungus Fusarium graminearum is the culprit behind scab in barley and wheat grain crops. Scab reduces yield by causing sterility and shrunken kernels, and contaminates the grain with mycotoxins. Plant molecular geneticist Ron Skadsen at the ARS Cereal Crops Research Unit in Madison, Wis., infected barley seed spikes with Fusarium transformed to contain a green fluorescent protein that makes the fungus glow neon-green when examined under a fluorescence microscope. He found that Fusarium attacks the protruding seed tip of the developing seed, the soft tissue connected with it (just under the hull) and, to a lesser extent, the seed’s outer hull. Previous studies using detached barley seeds found that the fungus will liquefy the starchy interior of the seed within five d..."

  10. 68% Small Grains Preliminary Data Posted
    Date: August 02, 2004
    Source: Penn State Field Crop News

    "To help folks plan their fall barley and wheat seed purchases better we have decided to post the preliminary wheat and barley performance data on our new small grains website located at:"

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