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  1. For Plants To Grow Best, You May Need A Soil Test
    Date: March 09, 2005
    Source: Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

    "UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Preparing the soil is the most important step in flower or vegetable gardening, says an extension expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, who advises having your soil tested this spring and using the test results and recommendations as a guide."

  2. March 23-24: Nutrient Management Summit: A Balancing Act
    Date: March 15, 2005
    Source: Dairy and Animal Science News - Penn State

  3. Consumers Need More Than A Bone
    Date: April 10, 2005
    Source: Lancaster Online

    "In the wake of continued problems with sick dogs at one local kennel, Pennsylvania lawmakers might soon consider beefing up the state's puppy lemon law."

  4. Cwd A Threat To All Deer
    Date: April 17, 2005

    "A hot topic this last week has been about the deer in New York that tested positive for chronic wasting disease. Five deer tested positive for the fatal disease in Oneida County New York. The deer were from two neighboring deer farms. All deer from both farms have been destroyed. That s the good news."

  5. April 27 -- beef Up The Blood Supply!
    Date: April 21, 2005
    Source: Dairy and Animal Science News - Penn State

  6. You Planted A Seed
    Date: April 29, 2005
    Source: Penn State Field Crop News

    "The goal of planting corn is to achieve adequate emergence with uniform spacing and emergence time. Thus plant spacing variability and differences in emergence should be limited as much as possible. Attention to detail is especially critical in no-till conditions."

  7. Proponents Say Raw Milk A More Healthful Alternative
    Date: May 15, 2005
    Source: The Morning Call

    "Beth and Layne Klein raised their four children on raw milk straight from the cow's udder. They think the creamier, unpasteurized milk is more healthful than store-bought pasteurized milk."

  8. A Quick Look At Hay Preservatives
    Date: May 31, 2005
    Source: Penn State Field Crop News

    "Generally, hay with a moisture content of 20% or less will not spoil during storage. Large round bales should contain hay that is slightly drier (approximately 18%). Unfortunately, field curing hay down to 20% moisture or lower is often difficult without having it rained on once or twice. Hay preservatives may allow baling and storage of hay with moisture levels between 20 and 25%."

  9. The Usda Farmers Market Will Operate Every Friday, June 3 Through October 28, From 10 A.m. To 2 P.m. It Is Located At
    Date: June 03, 2005
    Source: USDA

    "WASHINGTON, June 3, 2005 -- Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns will open the 2005 USDA Farmers Market season at 10 a.m. on June 3. "Farmers markets are important nationwide outlets for agricultural producers to increase marketing opportunities," said Johanns."

  10. A Peach Tree In Adams County Has Tested Positive For The Plum Pox Virus...
    Date: June 05, 2005

    "A peach tree in Adams County has tested positive for the plum pox virus... ASPERS, Pa. - A peach tree in Adams County has tested positive for the plum pox virus, becoming the first tree in Pennsylvania to do so this year."

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