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  1. 10% Bats Are Worth $1 Billion To Agriculture - Science /aaas
    Date: September 14, 2015
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "Science /AAAS Bats are worth $1 billion to agriculture Science /AAAS Corn farmers, look to the sky at dusk and mutter thanks to the bats swooping over your moth-ridden fields: Those winged mammals put more than $1 billion back into your collective pockets, a new study suggests. The first-of-its-kind research used nets ... and more »"

  2. 10% Usda Lists 100 Top Agriculture Co-ops For 2015 - Farm Futures
    Date: October 08, 2015
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "USDA lists 100 top agriculture co-ops for 2015 Farm Futures U.S. farmer, rancher and fishery cooperatives posted record income and revenue in 2014 despite a drop in the number of co-ops, USDA reported Wednesday. In its annual listing of the nation's top co-ops and cooperative data, USDA said cooperatives earned ... and more »"

  3. 10% How Organic Farms Are Killing Themselves - Refinery29
    Date: October 12, 2015
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "Refinery29 How Organic Farms Are Killing Themselves Refinery29 There are only so many people who are going to shop at farmers markets or who want to have CSA (community-supported agriculture ) shares.” She believes that there must be a change in the marketing and distribution infrastructure to allow small-scale ... and more »"

  4. 10% Urban Agriculture A Good Idea, But ... - Ag Week
    Date: November 17, 2015
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "Urban agriculture a good idea, but ... AG Week In the broadest sense, there are two kinds of agriculture : plant and animal. In its broadest sense, urban plant agriculture includes home gardens, community gardens, rooftop gardens on suitable buildings, farmers markets, co-ops and delivery services ..."

  5. 10% Agriculture Company Embraces Rules For Applying Fertilizer - Sandusky Register
    Date: January 26, 2016
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "Sandusky Register Agriculture company embraces rules for applying fertilizer Sandusky Register The Andersons Inc., an agricultural company that does business in Lake Erie's watershed, had plenty of time to comply with a new state law requiring fertilizer retailers to work with farmers on applying crop nutrients the right way. A new state law ... and more »"

  6. 10% Penn State Professor Discusses The Importance Of Sustainable Agriculture - The Sentinel
    Date: March 27, 2016
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "The Sentinel Penn State professor discusses the importance of sustainable agriculture The Sentinel Through farmers markets and community-supported agriculture , people who have never farmed or even grown a plant can gain a better understanding and appreciation for the culture advocating on their behalf for sustainable farm methods and healthier food, ..."

  7. 10% Why We Need Better Ways To Cut Greenhouse Gases From Agriculture - The Conversation Us
    Date: May 23, 2016
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "The Conversation US Why we need better ways to cut greenhouse gases from agriculture The Conversation US We need a global target for reducing emissions in agriculture to meet the Paris Agreement. Farmers have an opportunity to help meet the 2 degree C target in the Paris Agreement, but known practices will not be enough. chrisgold/flickr, CC BY-NC ..."

  8. 10% Agriculture Surplus Program Connects Local Farms With Charitable Food System - Uniontown Herald Standard
    Date: May 31, 2016
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "Agriculture surplus program connects local farms with charitable food system Uniontown Herald Standard “Hunger impacts every county in Pennsylvania,” said Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding. He stressed the program will create additional supply to feed those who are at risk of hunger and provide an alternative market for many farmers in the state who ..."

  9. 10% Community Supported Agriculture Becomes A Growing Trend - New Jersey Herald
    Date: June 05, 2016
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "New Jersey Herald Community Supported Agriculture becomes a growing trend New Jersey Herald As I type, farmers all across the county are working hard to provide consumers with some of the freshest agricultural products to be found. If you are a local agricultural product enthusiast, whether it is fresh vegetables, farm-raised meats, poultry ..."

  10. 10% Agriculture Plays Leading Role In Our Nation's History - Herald-mail Media
    Date: June 13, 2016
    Source: agriculture - Google News

    "Herald-Mail Media Agriculture plays leading role in our nation's history Herald-Mail Media Many of you are trying to figure out how I am going to tie the flag to agriculture . Well, it really isn't all that difficult. Remember, on the first Flag Day, more than 90 percent of Americans were farmers. That meant most of the soldiers were also ... and more »"

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