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  1. Dairy Feed Industry Seminar 1999
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "A difficulty that can arise in formulating rations is that the nutrient content of ration ingredients can vary quite widely, particularly when forages, such as hay and silage, or by-products, such as bakery waste, are included. The variation in nutrient content can have a negative impact on the productivity of the animals concerned, whetherthey are lactating cows or growing heifers. This negative impact is particularly critical if the producer considers the ration has sufficient nutrient content based on mean values.As a result the variation in nutrient should be taken into account when formulating therations."

  2. Dairy In-service 2001 - Powerpoint Files and Spreadsheets
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "This page provides links to powerpoint files and spreadsheets containing information about the dairy industry. These files tend to be large and it is highly recommended that a person inquires about the cd that contains these files. The topics that are on this webpage contain information from the presentations that were given at the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Dairy and Livestock Inservice in 2001."

  3. Horse Facilities 1: Horse Stall Design [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "The stall is the basic functional unit of a horse stable or shelter. A simple backyard pleasure horse stall may at first appear different than a stall in a full-feature boarding operation, but they both provide a suitable environment for the horse and handler. Safety for handlers and horses should be a primary consideration in stall design. Comfort for the horse is very important, as is convenience for the handler in performing chores associated with good horse care. This six-page publication provides an overview of some basic stall features for a typical 1,000-pound horse. "

  4. Mid-Atlantic Dairy Management Conference 1999 - Systematic Approach to Dairying in the Next Millenium [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "This is the proceedings from the 1999 Mid-Atlantic Dairy Management Conference that was held on February 24-25 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. The topics covered range from environmental issues like nutrient management to heifer production. It is in PDF format."

  5. Mid-Atlantic Dairy Management Conference 2001 - Implementing Competitive Business Strategies
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Dairy Industry Trends and Opportunities - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 U.S. Top Dairies: Benchmarks for Success Planning for the Family Farm's Future <br><br>and more..."

  6. Pasture For Horses, (VHS-17:00)
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "One of the greatest expenses of owning a horse is feed. Feed costs can be minimized by maintaining productive horse pastures. Productive pastures also are attractive and can improve horse health. This video not only provides advice on horse and pasture management, but also suggests easy-to-follow steps to ensure that pastures remain healthy and productive."

  7. Summary of the 1997 Pennsylvania Dairy Farm Practices Survey [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "This 10-page report summarizes the results of a 1997 mail survey of the principal operators of Pennsylvania dairy farms. It included questions about farm resources, cropping acreage, technology use, future production and technology plans, operator characteristics, and grazing practices."

  8. Top 10 Keys to Building a Profitable Dairy Business [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Managing your expenses is not the same as cutting expenses. The key is to know the difference between productive and unproductive expenses. Some experts may argue that managing expenses should be at the top of this list, but in most instances the costs of inputs, such as feed, are beyond your control. The most profitable improvements can be achieved by addressing the items at the top of this list."

  9. Agronomy Facts 33: Use of brassica crops to extend the grazing season [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Publications

    "Cool-season perennial grass and grass-legume pastures typically become less productive as the grazing season advances from June to November. Forage brassica crops such as turnip, swede, rape, and kale can be spring-seeded to supplement the perennial cool-season pastures in August and September or summer-seeded to extend the grazing season in November and December. Brassicas are annual crops which are highly productive and digestible and can be grazed 80 to 150 days after seeding, depending on the species."

  10. Agronomy Facts 34: Considerations for selecting corn hybrids in Pennsylvania [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Publications

    "Selecting the best corn hybrids can be a significant factor in the profitability of a corn production enterprise. The differences in performance among commercially available corn hybrids of the same maturity generally exceed 15 bushels per acre and frequently reach 50 bushels per acre. As a result, improving corn yields by an average of 5 to 10 bushels per acre through careful attention to hybrid selection is not unrealistic."

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