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  1. Sources of Swine Semen [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "This document list many sources of contacts and websites for a person to find swine semen."

  2. Sources of food processing wastes, hay and feed ingredients [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "List of addresses and phone numbers for sources of feed sold directly to farmers or arranged for local sales at intermediate prices. Other sources may exist."

  3. Soybean Rust Identification and Management [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Publications

    "Soybean rust is a serious threat to soybean production in many parts of the world. If uncontrolled, the disease can cause yield losses approaching 80 percent in some parts of the world including Asia, Africa, and South America. Soybean rust was first reported in the continental United States on November 10, 2004, and was subsequently found in a total of nine southern states. If soybean rust does become established in southern states or in the Caribbean islands, the disease is likely to spread into northern and northeastern soybean-producing states each year."

  4. Soybeans and soybean byproducts for dairy cattle [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "An in-depth look at feeding raw soybeans, heat-treated beans, soybean meal, and soyhulls. Most of the information is geared toward incorporating these feeds into dairy cattle rations."

  5. Specht Report
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Breeding Performance Summary - The Sire-Son and Prefix reports were developed at Penn State University by Dr. Larry Specht and first published in the mid 1970s. The reports have been used to compare the performance of a sire with his sons and provide a list of the prefixes that are providing the top Holstein bulls to the A.I. industry in the US. The Bull-Mother report is a spin-off from the original Sire-Son and Prefix reports and lists dams that have provided the top Holstein bulls."

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