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  1. Handling Hogs [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Each day approximately 250 hogs die during transit on their way to packing plants. That amounts to about $25,000 when hogs are worth $.40 per pound. Although most of thesedeaths are probably avoidable, many in the industry regard them as acceptable. Let's take a look at how the science of moving and transporting hogs could make a differencein these losses. This article provides some common sense management practices, as well as a number of recommendations from the Livestock Trucking Guide (produced by the Livestock Conservation Institute), and the Midwest Plan Service."

  2. Heat Detection and Timing of Insemination for Cattle [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Efficient and profitable reproductive performance of a dairy herd requires routine but conscientious heat detection and proper timing of artificial insemination. This 20-page publication provides information on characteristics of the estrous cycle, signs of heat and estrous behavior, factors affecting expression of estrus, and management suggestions for improving heat detection. Ways to monitor the efficiency of heat detection also are described."

  3. Heat Detection in Dairy Cattle
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "This video reviews heat detection in dairy herd management, including physiological events in the estrus cycle, primary and secondary signs of estrus, factors affecting estrus behavior, timing of insemination, and management practices that optimize heat detection efficiency."

  4. Heifer Economics [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "This fact sheet contains information on economic awareness, management concerns, economic concerns, and other areas of improvement."

  5. Herbicide Incorporation Equipment [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Publications

    "Herbicide Incorporation is used to avoid material losses due to volatilization or photodecomposition, to place the chemical in the proper location for good weed uptake, and as protection against weather conditions which hinder pesticide performance."

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