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  1. Dairy Farm Feed Cost Control [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "Feed costs represent between 50 and 60 percent of a dairy producer's expenses. To control on-farm feed costs, it is necessary to assess what forages and feeds currently are being fed and their current costs to the producer. This 32-page workbook, designed to be used with a computer spreadsheet program, can help you examine ways to control costs. This is a very specific program geared to dairy and farm management agents, dairy consultants, dairy nutritionists, veterinarians and dairy producers with good computer skills. To use the program, one needs either Windows 95 or 98 (Excel 97) or Mac OS 8.0 (Excel 98). "

  2. Dairy Feed Industry Seminar 1999
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "A difficulty that can arise in formulating rations is that the nutrient content of ration ingredients can vary quite widely, particularly when forages, such as hay and silage, or by-products, such as bakery waste, are included. The variation in nutrient content can have a negative impact on the productivity of the animals concerned, whetherthey are lactating cows or growing heifers. This negative impact is particularly critical if the producer considers the ration has sufficient nutrient content based on mean values.As a result the variation in nutrient should be taken into account when formulating therations."

  3. Dairy Heifer Contracting Fundamentals [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "A discussion of contract agreements for heifer rearing including, advantages of having a contract, types of contracts, and what information to consider when writing a contract."

  4. Dairy In-service 2001 - Powerpoint Files and Spreadsheets
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "This page provides links to powerpoint files and spreadsheets containing information about the dairy industry. These files tend to be large and it is highly recommended that a person inquires about the cd that contains these files. The topics that are on this webpage contain information from the presentations that were given at the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Dairy and Livestock Inservice in 2001."

  5. Dairy cattle breeding terminology [pdf]Get Acrobat Reader
    Source: Penn State - Dairy and Animal Science Publications

    "This publication contains definitions for common breeding terminology."

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