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For Sale: Wallenstein Woodchippers, Logsplitters, Winches

Our best sellers! We sell Wallenstein Woodchippers and Woodsplitters to meet your specific needs.The Wallenstein BX52 and BX72 chips 5" to 7", respectively. Chipping capacity on our Woodchippers make clean up a breeze!
* Three angle mounted hardened tool steel knives are designed to draw material into cutting chamber.
* Reversible stationary and rotor knives double time between sharpenings.
* Discharge hood rotates 360 degrees.
Priced competitively with quality workmanship they are sure to please you!
New on the market are the Wallenstein BXM32 and BXM42 Chipper Shredders.The BXM's innovative chipping and shredding capabilities turn unsightly and trouble-some debris, limbs, branches, bark and leaves into valuable chips or mulch. Mulch is ideal for use as ground cover in wooded areas, preventing erosion on embankments and is perfect for reducing weeds and retaining moisture in flower beds and landscapes.

Directly connected to your tractor's PTO, power is transferred straight into chipping/shredding action - quickly turning limbs, branches or debris up to 4” in diameter into valuable chips or mulch.

Our Logsplitters come in 24", 36" and 48" strokes with 4 to 4.5" bores, and a variety of options with horizontal and vertical positions. Visit our website for detailed info on each of the the models with pricing and specifications. You're sure to find one for your application!

Other products are the Wallenstein Skidding Winches and Log Grapples.

We also sell Tree Spades, Stump Grinders, Mulchers and Log Trailers. For your Farm and Forestry needs and equipment call 814-349-4484, Aaronsburg, PA, Centre County.

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Wallenstein Woodchippers, Logsplitters, Winches and Grapples -- Built to Last!

Wallenstein Woodchippers, Logsplitters, Winches and Grapples -- Built to Last!

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Woodward Crossings, AARONSBURG, PA

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178 Jackson Hill Road
Ph: (814) 349-4484

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Posted: 02/09/2006

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