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For Sale: Deer Proof Plants For Sale

Deer Resistant Plants From Highland Hill Farm

We sell a number of plants that offer deer resistance. One new offering that we will have available is from a group of plants called Harrington's Yew Plums (Cephalotaxus). These are from an evergreen species of plant which is similar to a Taxus but with a needle that is 4-6 cm long and a dark green color. Some of these plants can grow to 9-10 feet in height. These plants have other remarkable features in that they can tolerate some shade. Our variety can tolerate wet clay soils better than can Taxus.

Ilex 'Dragon Lady' Holly....Noted for deer resistance!!!!

Available Nursery Stock and Seedlings and Liners We Recommend

Red Osier Dogwood
Russian Olive
Rose of Sharon
River Birch Trees
Japanese Cedars
Colorado Blue Spruce Trees
Austrin Pine
Barberry Plants

More Information About This Business:

seedlingsrus.com, Fountainville , PA

Contact Information:

Bill Hirst
Box 517
Fountainville , PA 18923
Ph: (215) 651-8329

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Posted: 01/07/2006

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