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For Sale: White Pine Trees for Sale

The Eastern White Pine has 3 to 5 inch long needles. There are five blue green, thin needles per fascicle. The cones are 4 to 7 inches long, cylindrical, with thin, rounded cone scales, and resinous. Cones are borne on a long stalks maturing around August to September. Being a large tree with very straight stems, the crown is conical when young, becoming wispy, with horizontal branches. This tree is considered fairly easy to grow. It grows well in heavy clay soils and has small fiberous roots which make it easy to transplant. It is used for screens and large hedges especially in new developments where soils may be compacted. It is also raised for timber. We always have a wide range of seedlings, transplants, liners, and B&B stock from 3' to 14'. Our larger trees are priced at about $10 per foot depending on the size of the order.

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seedlingsrus.com, Fountainville , PA

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Bill Hirst
Box 517
Fountainville , PA 18923
Ph: (215) 651-8329

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Posted: 01/07/2006

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