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For Sale: Boxwoods for Sale

Boxwoods are one of many broad-leaved evergreens popular in the Landscape. Boxwoods can be true aristocrats of your landscape. These plants require little attention and develop into long-lived hardy plants with a little protection just being mindful of their preferences for conditions. Avoid sites that have wide fluctuations in temperature,long dry periods, drying winds, and intense bright sunshine. These evergreens are well worth your efforts. In return these plants are naturally offensive to deer. Liberal use in your landscape makes your garden less attractive for the deer. Boxwoods drop few leaves at any one time making them a clean plant with little mess. Boxwoods seldom become overgrown and are relatively pest and disease free. These plants love a rich, well drained soil. Using aged compost to modify the soils helps improve poor existing soils. Protect the boxwoods from winter injury by planting them on the protected north and east sides of buildings or where they will receive wind protection from natural features such as other trees or embankments. Fertilize boxwoods only in the spring. Avoid winter scorch on plants by watering if rainfall is deficient. Plant larger plants if you expect winter hardyness to be a factor. Large plants have more reserves and can usually survive the first year after purchase better. Boxwoods will add year round interest to your landscape when located properly and provide contrast within your landscape in all seasons.

Boxwoods available at Highland Hill Farm


Varder Valley

Green Gem

Green Mountain

Green Velvet

Green Beauty

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East Penn Gardens, Fountainville, PA

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James Hirst
Box 517
5275 W. Swamp Rd.
Fountainville, PA 18923
Ph: (215) 651-8329

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Posted: 01/07/2006

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