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For Sale: Big Switch Erosion/Filtration Control Sock

Big Switch™ is a sturdy polypropylene geotextile fabric that has been engineered specifically for controlling erosion & containing &/or retaining sediment in disturbed areas. It's a mesh tube filled with biobased material that is placed perpendicular to sheet-flow runoff. Big Switch™, which is oval to round in cross section, provides a three-dimensional filter that retains sediment and other pollutants (e.g., suspended solids, tannic acid, nitrates, phosphate's and motor oil) while allowing the cleaned water to flow through. Big Switch™ can be used in place of traditional sediment and erosion control tools such as a silt fence, straw bale barrier and mulch socks.
Advantages Big Switch™ has over traditional sediment control tools, such as a silt fence, and mulch are:
*installation does not require trenching disturbing the soil surface.
*is much more easily installed.
*can be installed where trenching is not viable.
*has a wider contact surface area.
*does not contribute additional tannic acids, heavy metals or volatile organic compounds such as arsenic into the ecosystem.
*does not need to be removed.
*due to the light weight of Big Switch™ vs. mulch you save on back strains and shipping cost.
Effectiveness: A large number of qualitative studies have reported the effectiveness of filter tube devices in removing settle able solids, total suspended solids and turbidity reduction from sediment laden water. These studies have consistently shown that filter tubes devices, i.e. Big Switch™, are at least as effective as traditional erosion & sediment control BMP's & often are more effective. Big Switch™ filters are often used in conjunction with hydro seeding, matting/netting, or compost blankets to form a storm water management system. Together these BMPs retain a very high volume of storm water, sediment and other pollutants.

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Big Switch Erosion/Filtration Medium Use On PennDOT Highway Project

Big Switch Erosion/Filtration Medium Use On PennDOT Highway Project

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BEG Group LLC, Cambridge, OH

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Joseph Greco
61455 GreenBriar Drive
Cambridge, OH 43725
Ph: (724) 681-4414

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Posted: 11/24/2017

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