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For Sale: Winterberry Holly Seedlings

The attractive bright red fruit of winterberry is eaten by small mammals and about 50 species of birds. The leaves and stems of winterberry are not a preferred source of browse, but whitetail deer, cottontail rabbits do utilize this plant. The bright red fruit of this shrub make it very popular for landscaping or decorative cuttings It is a recommended plant in shady moist areas, even though its growth and form are best under open grown conditions.

Winterberry is an erect moderate sized shrub, growing to heights of 5 to 15 feet tall. We have potted winterberries ...field dug winterberries and bareroot winterberries for sale. Our 12-18 inch bareroot plants are $4 each for less than 100..... 100+ rate is $3 each delivered by UPS... You can pickup #3 potted liners for $25 each 18-28" well branched plants.

This video shows this plant in its natural setting at our Bradford Pa farm growing in a wetland meadow. http://youtu.be/E_GBqEu0ALo

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seedlingsrus.com, Fountainville , PA

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Bill Hirst
5275 W. Swamp Rd.
Box 517
Fountainville , PA 18923
Ph: (215) 651-8329

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Posted: 01/12/2015

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