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For Sale: Jang Clean Push Style Hand Seeders for Sale

Picture yourself with a Jang Clean Push Style Hand Seeder next summer. On Sale now at Woodward Crossings in Central PA. We are proudly presenting the Jang Automation Clean Seeder for all of your seeding needs.With many options from which to chose, you'll find the Jang Clean Seeder to be the seeder designed to give you More Productivity and Cost Savings and we'd like to show you how!
Most seeders on the market use technology that is 100 years old. The Jang Clean Seeder stands out from the rest because it uses new technology that singulates the seeds. Thus eliminating wasted seeds and thinning. With the high cost of seeds, you'll be sure to find this a welcome feature!
Also note that you may plant as little or as much as you want. No longer will you need a large amount of seeds in the hopper for the unit to function. Small amounts of seeds work just as efficiently as large amounts of seeds in the hopper.
A notable characteristic of the Jang Clean Seeder is that you can see through the hopper. The "clean out” is quick and easy as the Quick Release Hopper makes it easy to empty and change rollers.
Another attribute is the Seed sizing is provided on the inside of the hopper lid for easier roller selection.
The Jang Clean Seeder uses quick change seed rollers that are constructed with special anti abrasion plastic rollers to prevent static electricity. These seed rollers are designed to plant very small seeds up to larger coated seeds.
Let's quickly examine the different models.
The JP-1 is the versatile walk behind or beside seeder. The handle is adjustable giving you the option to walk behind or beside. Although is only weighs just 22 lbs., it packs a powerful punch! The JP-1 model is Priced to Sell and ship quickly and reasonably. The is shipped UPS.
A few options are the Double disc opener, spreading shoes, hopper extension and double shoes.
The Toolbar 3 Point Hitch Seeders are individually spring loaded row units with a minimum row width of 7”.

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Jang Push Style Clean Hand Seeder

Jang Push Style Clean Hand Seeder

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Woodward Crossings, AARONSBURG, PA

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178 Jackson Hill Road
Ph: (814) 349-4484

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Posted: 12/30/2009

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