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For Sale: Blue Rug Juniper

Blue rug junipers are a low growing ground cover. We carry large numbers of these plants and they are available at all times.

If not the Blue Rug, consider one of the many other evergreen ground covers we have at Highland Hill Farm.
Highland Hill grows and sells pine, spruce, hemlock, Emerald Green Arborviate, and Green Giant Arborvitae.

We have these plants ready to go in our display areas starting at 2 feet in height and going to 12 feet in height. They are evergreen and good growers. Plus, these plants provide an evergreen border, barrier, windbreak, protection, and privacy screen.

See our website for pictures and more information.

I have tree planters for rent. Reserve them now for your spring tree plantings. These planters can install up to 3000 trees a day or about 2 acres of trees. Ground must be plowed and disced for best results. We can also supply crews to plant and tree seedlings that we grow and sell. See this Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er5nLuWI9Kk Email us your trees needs or when you want to reserve the planters... Needs to be mounted on a 35 hp or larger tractor

Subreddits that have more on our farms...

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Aardvark Hill Farm, Fountainville , PA

Contact Information:

Bill Hirst
5275 West Swamp Rd.
Box 517
Fountainville, PA 18923
Ph: (215) 651-8329

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Posted: 08/19/2007

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