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For Sale: Magnolia

We have several different types of magnolias available, including an evergreen variety. The flowers range from white to a deep red-purple in color. Our small plants start at about 3 feet in height. The large plants are as tall as 9 feet.\

We buy farmland and timer for our tree farm... We also will lease out hunting on these properties for the cost of the taxes... Why buy a hunting property when you can lease? Long term leases are available and you can build cabins on the site. Call us at 215 651 8329... We also barter for hunting leases as well.... maybe you have items that you don't want and will trade for a lease??? We are open to trades...

Barter for hunting Access.. I need 6x6x12 ft pressure traeted fence posts... I also need 8 ft woven wire for deer fencing as well. I am willing to barter for hunting access for these items as well as calves and heifers that we need on our steuben county farm. So lets make a deal....<br>

We seek to buy farms in Central .... NY State areas. We can lease back properties or or take over. Also, interested in partial interests in Real Estate. Will buy and take over or buy remainder interests and pay cash for remainder interests. Phone us at 215 345 0946 We also will lease out hunting rights properties that we buy and have NotAllowed properties available for immediate leasing NotAllowed see our current availablity list. Here is our current list avaialable hunting properties that are available. We grow and sell trees and nursery stock and offer hunting access for our volume customers. Buy our nursery stock and get hunting permission on our properties. Thank you.

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Milan Hirst Nursery and Treasures, Milan, PA

Contact Information:

Keith Swinghause
Rt. 220
Milan, PA 18831
Ph: (570) 561-8016

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Posted: 08/18/2007

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