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Heavy Equipment Appraisal

Weld County, Colorado
Contact: Rhett Crites
1739 S Co Rd 13C, Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: (844) 825-8283
Heavy equipment appraisal knows equipment!

Heavy equipment appraisal knows equipment!

About Us:

Nationwide heavy equipment appraisal professionals, specializing in construction equipment, farming equipment, forestry equipment, mining equipment, oil equipment, landscaping equipment, and many more.

If it's equipment, we appraise it!

? WHAT WE DO: Heavy equipment appraisers are the liaison between the heavy equipment industry and anyone that needs an equipment appraisal. Equipment sales aren't made public like Real Estate sales, so we're excellent fact finders who maintain vast sales databases and equipment professional networks.

? WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT: We're real people who can have a conversation with you, instead of trying to talk technical jargon. Our goal is to educate you about the appraisal process, whether in person, on the phone, via e-mail, or on our website. Check out our famous equipment appraisal 101 infographic.

? QUALIFICATIONS: Every appraiser at Heavy Equipment Appraisal grew up with equipment, so we know machinery inside and out. They are also certified, IRS qualified, and USPAP compliant.

? WHO WE WORK WITH: The simple answer? We provide equipment appraisals for anyone that needs one. Previous clients include Lenders, Small Business Owners, Consultants, Business Brokers, Mergers and Acquisitions Specialists, Turnaround Management Firms, Lawyers, CPAs, Government Officials, and many more.

? WHAT DO WE APPRAISE: We appraise most anything not Real Estate. Previous projects include Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Oil Field Equipment, Farming Equipment, Landscaping Equipment, Recycling Equipment, Asphalt Plants, Sand Processing Plants, and many more.

1) Desktop Equipment Appraisal - A desktop appraisal is the perfect solution for anyone in search of a time or cost effective equipment appraisal. Also known as a limited scope appraisal, this is an appraisal report that is the result of valuating an item without physically inspecting that item.

2) On-Site Inspection Appraisal - An on-site equipment appraisal by Heavy Equipment Appraisal is the most accurate equipment appraisal money can buy. An on-site, or field appraisal, is the practice of valuating an item after having the chance to physically inspect that item.

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Classification of Business:


  • Equipment - Aquaculture
  • Equipment - Arborist
  • Equipment - Biomass Fuel Conversion
  • Equipment - Computer Systems
  • Equipment - Dairy
  • Equipment - Farming
  • Equipment - Feed Mill
  • Equipment - Fiber Processing
  • Equipment - Food Processing
  • Equipment - Forestry
  • Equipment - GPS
  • Equipment - Horses
  • Equipment - Horticultural
  • Equipment - Lawn / Garden
  • Equipment - Poultry
  • Equipment - Sanitation
  • Equipment - Sawmills & Millwork
  • Equipment - Solar
  • Equipment - Woodworking
  • Equipment -Ventilation


  • Forestry - Appraisal
  • Marketing
  • Media, News, & Web Design

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  2. "food"
  3. "Welding and fabrication in AZ"

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