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Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Ben McConnaughey
335 Tosh Road, Ligonier, PA 15658
Phone: (724) 259-7622
Facebook page:
buy your seed corn at

buy your seed corn at

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About Us:

OPCORN LLC sells open pollinated seed corn (OP Corn) with a focus on field corn for both silage and grain.

Check out the website for varieties and pricing.

The best place to buy Reid's Yellow Dent seed corn is at
Our Reid's Yellow Dent field corn can get 11'-13' tall and we consider it to be approx 108 day corn. Ears 10" long and 18-20 rows around are common in good conditions.

Wapsie Valley Field Corn gets good sized ears that are usually medium placed. Our Wapsie Valley will get between 8.5' and 10' tall. Wapsie Valley corn gets red ears and yellow ears. Check with your market if they will except red kernels. The Wapsie Valley seed corn for sale at is appoximately 89 day corn.

OPCORN LLC does not sell round up ready corn (not that there is anything wrong with RR). If you spray our corn with roundup or glyphosate, it will die.

You can spray the corn that we sell for 2018 similar to conventional non traited hybrids following the label.

Give us a try!

Please e-mail questions or feel free to call.

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Classification of Business:


  • Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale


  • Crop - Cleaning Grain Seed
  • Crop Farm


Row Crops

  • Corn - Field
  • Corn - Silage


  • Crops

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