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Harris Homestead Maples

Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Jared Harris
1676 Haighs Pond Road, Rome, PA 18837
Phone: (570) 637-9229
New Evaporator

New Evaporator

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About Us:

We are located in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania and are Maple producers. You can stop by the Sap house at any time and see what we have cooking! Stop in during the season and see what we have boiling!!

Just got a brand new 3'x10' evaporator, a 3x6 raised flue pan with 9" tall flues, and a steamaway. The new rig can boil around 185 gallons per hour.

Notice how we have a PA Preferred Sticker on our bottles!!

You can take a look at the different size jugs in our photo gallery, just click "More Images"!!

We use the following grading scale for our maple syrup:
Grade A: Golden Color with Delicate Taste (Fancy) - a very light color and an extremely delicate flavor. The best grade to use to make maple candy and cream.

Grade A: Amber Color with Rich Taste (Medium Amber)- the color is a couple of shades darker than fancy. It has a pleasant, clean delicate flavor. Preferred by most people as a table syrup. A good choice to make maple sugar.

Grade A: Dark Color with Robust Taste (Dark Amber)- is Slightly darker than medium amber. Has a faintly robust flavor. Good for baking, coating nuts and for people who prefer a stronger maple flavor.

Grade A: Very Dark Color with Strong Taste (Grade B)- has a very dark color and a very strong maple flavor. It can have a bit of a molasses taste. Preferred by some. Good for baking.

We use the different sizes to sell our maple syrup:
3.4 oz. Glass Maple Leaf- $3.00
Plastic Half Pint Jug- $5.50
Plastic Pint Jug- $8.00
Plastic Quart Jug- $14.00
Plastic Half Gallon Jug- $24.00
Plastic Gallon Jug- $42.00

"The mission of Harris Homestead Maples is to provide fresh Pennsylvania maple syrup to consumers with a guaranteed satisfactory product.”

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Business Hours:

3:30 - 7 
3:30 - 7 
3:30 - 7 
3:30 - 7 
3:30 - 7 
8 - 5 
8 - 5 

Around President's Day Weekend  - Around March 31 
We do sell our maple products through out the year!! PLEASE ALWAYS CALL FIRST BEFORE COMING!! 

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Maple Syrup

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