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1st Generation Farms

Butler County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Adam Lutz
172 Bauder School Rd, Prospect, PA 16052
Phone: (724) 991-1567
Facebook page:

About Us:

1st Generation Farms is a small scale family owned and operated farm located in Prospect, Pennsylvania. We focus on providing our customers with meats that are raised in a humane and sustainable manner. As the name implies, we are a new farm and strive to stand out from those around us. We place our emphasis on quality vs quantity and make it a priority to charge our customers a fair price. Our farm is based upon the interconnections of the animals, the land, and ultimately the Lord, as we are simply the shepherds for His flock. As a farm with few acres, we place extreme emphasis on sustainable farming. We practice mob grazing and frequent animal rotations in our pastures to ensure that our animals always have fresh grass to eat.Pork and pastured chicken are the primary focus of our farm, though we do raise some grass fed beef on a small scale. We also offer farm fresh, free-range eggs throughout the warmer months. We strive to have a relationship with our customers and are committed to transparency in our operation. 1st Generation Farms is a small, family run farm, and thus we would be more than happy to show you the conditions in which our animals are raised, as well as our facilities. Our desire is to create a farm that thrives in the intricacies of God's beautiful creation and that is a sustainable part of our local community. We not only want to provide healthy, great tasting food to our customers, but we look forward to getting to know you as we share our farm with you.

If you have any questions contact us.

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Business Hours:

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Classification of Business:


  • Meat Products



  • Cattle And Calves
  • Hogs And Pigs

Meat Products

  • Beef
  • Butcher Hogs
  • Pork
  • Poultry - Dressed
  • Poultry - Live
  • Roaster Pigs
  • Sausage

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