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Barlow Worm Composing LLC

Adams County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Mark Clowney
790 Barlow Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone: (717) 793-0056

About Us:

Barlow Worm Composting uses composted cow manure as the base and food source for the Eisenia Fetida earthworm, commonly known as the "Red Wiggler.” The manure is hot composted to a temperature above 140 degrees Fahrenheit to kill potential pathogens and weed seeds before feeding to our worms.?

Worm castings are the waste product of earthworms. The worms' digestive enzymes unlock many of the chemical bonds of the nutrients within the manure. The result is increased nutrients in the most basic form which can more readily be absorbed and utilized by plants.

Worm castings provide a rich organic fertilizer full of microbial life. Thousands of beneficial microorganisms that include bacteria, fungi and protozoa may live in the worm castings. These microorganisms are the building block of healthy soil and vegetation.?

Our Worms produce a product we call Barlow Black Gold Worm Castings.

Worm Tea is the liquid concentrated form of our worm compost. We brew our rich organic worm tea for 24-36 hours. The microbes living in the compost are transferred into the water by way of aeration and feed on black strap molasses until the tea is applied to the soil. During this aeration period, the microbes multiply by the millions. The nutrients in the compost also seep into the water and result in a super-nutritious liquid fertilizer.

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