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Koi Story

Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Aimee Schmitt
PO Box 248 , Cornwall, PA 17016
Phone: (717) 943-4207
Facebook page:

About Us:

The idea for Koi Story existed for many years but finally came to fruition the summer of 2013. In 2009 we were blessed with our first baby. The love at first site we felt about our newborn made us decide to sell our motorcycles for a less risky hobby...water gardening. We had a beautiful pond and waterfall installed in 2009. Since then we have studied and learned through experience (some lessons were very difficult) about Koi. Our admiration for Koi has only grown. We love nature and the balance it brings to us as parents and to our children. We hope you find tranquility and slow down enough to enjoy the beauty our Koi will bring to your water garden.

We are a small, family business that appreciates our customers both near and far. We choose to NOT be the largest koi dealer because we care about our customers and strive to sell ONLY healthy, quality Koi. Our Koi are handled with utmost care. We wait to package our Koi until the absolute latest moment to prepare for shipping. Prior to that time, all Koi swim freely in 300+ gallon tanks. Our Koi are quarantined at least two weeks prior to selling. All sold Koi are not fed for 3 days prior to shipping. This helps alleviate health issues during shipping, lowering build up of ammonia in the water. In order to ensure the OPTIMAL health and beauty of our Koi stock, we have partnered with an American Koi breeder who imports parents directly from Japan! We are very excited to be partnered with an American Koi breeder with a stellar reputation for healthy, gorgeous Japanese blood-line Koi and who continuously breeds Grand Champion Koi. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions via our "Contact Us" tab. Trust us to help make your pond or water garden extraordinary with our Koi!

Please Note: We are fully licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture to sell live fish. The selling of live fish should ALWAYS be licensed within the state the dealer resides to ensure the Koi you purchase are healthy!

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