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Skyview Lab Blueberry Farm

Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Skyview Lab Blueberry Farm
at Heritage Fields, Boswell, PA 15531
Phone: (814) 629-6302

About Us:

2019 Blueberry Season

Welcome to Skyview Lab Blueberry Farm, we hope you're ready for fresh blueberries!

Closed for the season

Due to Mother Nature, our blueberry season has come to an end. The middle and later varieties had a low yield this year, but good growth for next year see you then.

Attention: NEW PHONE NUMBER 814-629-6302

Hours & Picking location updated daily after 8:30 pm

Looking for an outdoor family day in the beautiful Laurel Mountains of PA?

Come pick blueberries that taste best right off the bushes. All of our berries are grown right on the mountain. None of the berries are sprayed with any harmful pesticides or anything of the sort. We invite you to bring a picnic lunch, take pictures of the children that you will treasure forever, and just enjoy your day entirely. This summer there will be different varieties that can be eaten, frozen, made into pies, and all sorts of delicious, nutritious dishes!

All Mountain Grown & Unsprayed

Pick Your Own Blueberries

$ 4.00 per pound

Fresh Picked Blueberries to Order

$ 5.00 per pint

******Try our new Chocolate Covered Blueberry Stix******

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

North/South & West Fields
located 1 mile West of Jennerstown, PA.
0.7 mile South on Willison Road off
Route 30.( 480 Willison Rd. )


*** Please bring own containers
*** No Pets Please

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Business Hours:


Days and hours of operation are subject to change due to berry ripening and weather conditions. 

Classification of Business:


  • Pick-Your-Own



  • Blueberry

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