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Rosetree Consulting

Berks County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Eric Rosenbaum
327 Holland Street, Shillington, PA 19607
Phone: (484) 788-7263

About Us:

Crop Consulting Services:
With Rosetree Consulting's Crop Consulting Services you have someone on your side to help sort out and explain the new products and technologies that are relevant to your operation. Rosetree will work with you to help develop a fertilization and pesticide plan for the season that maximizes profits and minimizes risk. This fine tuning of input needs can greatly increase your profits. And because we do not work for any of the chemical, seed or fertilizer companies, you can be confident that the advice we give you is unbiased.

Soil Testing Services:
Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to be sure you were putting your fertilizer dollar where you will get the best return? With Rosetree Consulting's Soil Testing Services, we can help--at least when it comes to putting your fertilizer dollars to work most effectively.
By soil sampling your fields to determine the deficiencies and excesses already present in the soil, you can make smarter decisions about fertilizer applications and better allocate your fertilizer dollars where they will have the greatest impact.
Once samples are taken, field-by-field limestone and fertilizer recommendations are prepared by Rosetree Consulting. These recommendations are then reviewed with the client so priorities can be set for fertilizer and limestone applications for the coming year.
With existing clients, we are also able to look at historical soils data to help us project future trends in your fields. All this information helps fine tune fertilizer applications.

Regulatory Compliance:
Government regulations are becoming a bigger and bigger part of farming each year. Rosetree Consulting can help keep your operation in compliance. We are certified to write the following plans: Nutrient management plans, soil conservation plans, odor management plans, and CAFO permits

The goal of our services is to provide the client with the information needed to make better decisions and have a more profitable operation.

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Classification of Business:


  • Agricultural Consulting
  • Crop - General Consulting Services
  • Crop - Manure Brokering
  • Crop - Nutrient Management
  • Crop - Pest Management
  • GIS Services - General
  • GIS Services - Map Production
  • GPS
  • Nutrient Management
  • Nutrient Management Plan Writer
  • Pest Management
  • Soil Sampling

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