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Berndtson Timber Management

Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Greg Berndtson
9006 Rt. 6, Wellsboro, PA 16901
Phone: (570) 439-6128
Hemlock logs staged at the end of the haul road awaiting the truck, winter 2009

Hemlock logs staged at the end of the haul road awaiting the truck, winter 2009

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About Us:

Berndtson Timber Management(BTM) is a full-service woodlot management and timber harvesting company, dedicated to helping our clients maximize the full potential of their respective woodlands. Whether your focus is attracting and holding more wildlife, improving the overall health of your woodlot, or generating some income from a timber sale, BTM can design and implement a plan to meet your needs.

Our Services Include but are not Limited Too:

Wildlife Habitat Plans
Timber Stand Improvement Harvests
Land Clearing for food plots, NWSG Planting etc.
Forest Health, Forest Pest Monitoring
Timber Harvesting
Wood Products Marketing
Forest Management Planning
Assistance in Obtaining Cost-Share Funds
Pre-Commercial Thinning
Invasive Species Control and Removal
Firewood, when available

Berndtson Timber Management is always looking for woodlots in north central PA. If own a woodlot and are ready to get serious about your land, timber, and habitat management, Berndtson Timber Management is eager to work with you.

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Business Hours:


Year- Round

Classification of Business:


  • Forestry - Appraisal
  • Forestry - Cruising
  • Forestry - Fire Protection
  • Forestry - General
  • Forestry - General Management
  • Forestry - Insects / Diseases
  • Forestry - Inventories
  • Forestry - Pest Management
  • Forestry - Silviculture
  • Forestry - Soil Testing
  • Forestry - Timber Sale / Marketing
  • Forestry - Timber Stand Improvement
  • Forestry - Veneer
  • Forestry - Wildlife Management
  • Land Management
  • Wildlife Management


Wood Products

  • Polewood
  • Pulpwood
  • Saw Logs
  • Tie Logs
  • Veneer Logs

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