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Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Jeff Kurtz
746 Pole Rd, not a retail location., Ringtown, PA 17967
Phone: (570) 401-4843

About Us:

We are Pennsylvania's only dealer for Solexx Greenhouses! Visit for pricing. Visit for additional detail. Extend your PA growing season 8 weeks in the fall and 8 weeks in the spring! Over winter healthier perinneals with these allseason greenhouses!

If gardening is a hobby of yours, yet you believe that you could not garden from your apartment or house, let me help you change your mind. By purchasing a few containersat your local convenience store and creating your very own home composting system that can be set up in your closet, you will be well on your way to achieving your gardening dream in your urban area no matter where you live. Here is a simple solution that will show you how to create a composting system in your home.

The first thing that you will need is some kind of a space in your house that you do not regularly access that can be used for storage of one or two containers. These containers will be like large Tupperware containers, about 1 foot tall, by 18 inches high, by two feet in length. In these containers you will place a sizable amount of dirt, some composting material which we will talk about later, newspaper, water, and some red worms.

The other thing you will need is an ample source of organic material that either comes from your neighbors across the hallway or street, or, if you have a large family, right from your kitchen table. If you are a coffee drinker, all the better. You can use coffee grounds, your uneaten food scraps, and your daily newspaper to get yourself started.

The first thing you will need to do is line the bottom of your large containers with some newspaper. Next, you will need to add some soil or beddingmakes with some kind of organic food scraps and perhaps a little peat moss. This should come up about halfway to the top of the container. Next, you will want to add to red worms. Make sure they are covered slightly by a layer of wet bedding and then on top of that add your organic waste. You will also want to add supplemental moisture if the bedding is too dry (it should resemble a wet, wrung out sponge) and mix the soil up a bit with your hand in order to get proper aeration throughout the soil for the worms.

Continued detail on the website or by calling 570-401-4843

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