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Tulip Tree Hill

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Kathleen Stoltzfus
208 Penny Road, Holtwood, PA 17532
Phone: (717) 284-2280

About Us:

Our goal here is to run this little piece of the world in as sustainable a manner as possible, while in some small measure increasing self-sufficiency. In addition to the animals, Tulip Tree Hill also consists of a garden, woodland, and art studio.

Our animals include Olde English Babydoll sheep, Shetland sheep, American Buff Geese, and a small flock of bantam chickens consisting of Silkies, Black Tailed White Japanese, and White Crested Black Polish.

Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep
This is an old fashioned, docile, friendly, small, and hardy breed of sheep. Standing under 24" at the shoulder when mature, they are quite easy to care for. Also known for being "easy keepers", they do well on good pasture in the summer and a high quality hay in the winter along with sheep minerals. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in lambs, or if you just want more information about the breed.

American Buff Geese
Also an old fashioned breed, american buffs are somewhat rare. Less aggressive and more amiable than most breeds of geese, they can easily be tamed and made into friendly pets. Like sheep, geese are grazers and on good pasture in the summer, needing no additional feed, making them affordable to keep and raise. They lay approximately 30 eggs per year, from January through June. They eggs are great for baking, and of course for hatching. We occasionally have hatching eggs (January-June), and goslings available.

Bantam Chicken Eggs
Small eggs are available for hatching or eating.

Flowers and vegetables
Cut flowers and fresh vegetables are available in season.

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Classification of Business:


  • Farm Stand
  • Livestock


  • Marketing



  • Other
  • Sheep And Lambs

Misc Animal Products

  • Fiber
  • Fiber - Processed - Rovings
  • Fiber - Raw
  • Fleece
  • Sheep Wool

Misc Products

  • Vegetable Based Soaps


  • Eggs
  • Geese

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