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Octoraro Angus

Bedford County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Samuel Wylie
216 South Snyder Road, Breezewood, PA 15533
Phone: (814) 784-3811

About Us:

Sustainable Genetics ߣ Sustainable Agriculture

At Octoraro Angus, Sam and Sherrill work to get back to basics and raise cattle that thrive on low-input, sustainable grassland farming. Corn is not like grass ߣ it is not environmentally friendly. Every bushel of corn requires more than two gallons of crude oil, while a bovine relies on solar energy to raise its grass. Minimal fuel and equipment is used only to make hay.

Their breeding practices have found a wide market, with their cattle sought as seed stock by Angus breeders throughout the United States. They are breeding producer-friendly cattle for farmers who want to get back to the pure, breeder-type Angus of long ago.

In 2007 Octoraro Angus was added to the Tallgrass Beef Company Preferred Genetics list. This was a special honor and attributed to the Octoraro Angus cattle being bred for maternal efficiency and longevity.

Years ago Sam coined the term, Genetic Seed Saver, as the title for their sale. The term sums up what Octoraro Angus is all about. They wish to preserve the original, traditional type of Angus cattle and have not perused the modern, high tech, scientific improvement process that so many have engaged in here in the USA. Sam feels that cattle breeding is an art, which should also be used for genetic damage control.

They refer to their style of breeding as pure-breeder type. They do not expect their cattle to be everything to everybody. They have concentrated on the cow, maternal efficiency and least cost production, rather than the terminal growth and carcass traits that are often antagonistic to what we are trying to accomplish.

They believe in these pure, breeder type Angus cattle and Sam has often jokingly said, "There is only one thing we need more of in the Angus cattle and that is more Angus.”

Embryos provide an opportunity for animals to adapt to your specific ranch or farm, by being born there. This is an excellent way to introduce old, reliable genetics into your herd without spending a fortune on freight. Semen and embryos ship for a fraction of what live animals do. The Wylies recommend that you consider this type of project to "jump start” a pure, breeder type herd; it has worked for others and can for you, too.

Sam and Sherrill would like to include a special thank you to both the Pennsylvania Angus Association and the Pennsylvania Cattlemen for naming Octoraro Angus as the Seed Stock Producer of the Year, in early 2008.

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