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Sand Springs Mt.Farms

Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Todd Hutzell
486 Ridge Road, Meyersdale, PA 15552
Phone: (814) 634-5608
All Weather All Terrain Tillage Machines

All Weather All Terrain Tillage Machines

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About Us:

Sand Springs Mt. Farms (A separate division of Sand Springs Farms)is nestled in the southern low lying mountains of Somerset County PA. The Farm is a small agro-business and a continual work in progress. The original farm is said to be over 250 years old. The farm offers products such as: Manure compost, feeder pigs(some from registered stock), roaster pigs and butcher swine. We sell our pork in wholes,halves,and quarters. We provide delivery from the farm to your butcher of choice within a 20 mile radius. We do deliver swine at farther distances, but at an added mileage rate.Our pigs are corn and soy fed, with a natural mineral(no junk additives). Our sows gestate on woodlot and farrow in a bank barn. Our piglets are raised to roaster or butcher size inside the barn on straw and hay bedded pack(we soon hope to have them on rotational pasture). We contract with local farmers for locally grown grains and bedding supplies. Our pigs are noted for producing a bit more fat in the muscle tissue. This small bit of extra fat ensures better flavoring of the meat, by your butcher of choice(which equals MMMMM-MMMM Good). "These are the pigs that your grand-daddy use to raise".

We provide certified organic and inorganic Nutrient Management Plan writing and consulting. We also do soil analysis and nutrient balance sheets for agriculture crops. We can help you decide where to move your manure or compost, to maintain crop production, and decrease commercial fertilizer usage. We are a small business that tries to keep the little person in mind.

I do not specialize in club pigs or fair pigs, Over the past 20 plus years I have sold many pigs to 4H members as a starter pig. Some pigs have proven well as a club starter pig and others end up as a "plain jane” butcher hog.(which equates to a lower cost pig). My operation consists of a 4 herd in one constant flow, which is better suited to produce "On your plate, Eaten Hogs" as opposed to club/fair pigs. We do vaccinate for all of the diseases associated with the club/fair industry. We are not associated with any county fair/club pig auction consortium( 4H is about the learning experience not the money). If you are interested in a starter club/fair pig, please call and make an appointment. Because of the more open bio-security system, of the club/fair pig industry, I now have to practice a closed bio-security system for club/fair pig buyers entering my operation. Please call or e-mail for directions.

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Business Hours:

8 AM - 9 PM 
8 AM - 9 PM 
8 AM - 9 PM 
8 AM -  9 PM 
8 AM - 2 PM 
By App - By App 
Closed - Closed 

Year Round  - Year Round 
Some Items May have to be reserved, such as butcher Hogs, roaster Pigs. 

Classification of Business:


  • Ag Products - Wholesale Only
  • Livestock


  • Agricultural Consulting
  • Crop - Nutrient Management
  • Nutrient Management
  • Nutrient Management Plan Writer
  • Soil Fertility
  • Soil Sampling



  • Manure


  • Hogs And Pigs

Meat Products

  • Butcher Hogs
  • Roaster Pigs


  • Eggs

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