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Indian Run Farm

Crawford County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Harry Hicks
31851 Hwy 77, Townville, PA 16360
Phone: (814) 967-2402

About Us:

We are about to enter our fifth season of operation in 2010 raising a variety of poultry. No herbicides or pesticides are used, nor is medicated feed. In season we have: Rhode Island Red Chicks; Heritage breed turkey poults of Red Bourbon, and Royal Palm; Khaki Campbell and Muscovy Ducklings; Toulouse Goslings; French Pearl Guinea Keets; and Cortunix quail chicks. Brown chicken eggs are available for sale as is fertile eggs for most of the breeds listed. In the fall, we have butchered young heritage breed turkeys and young geese, it is suggested you call in and reserve birds for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are hoping to make available limited numbers of young emu and peafowl in 2011.

Should you need large numbers of any breed it would be worthwhile to call in advance and place an order. Normally our price for young birds is very competitive and since we breed in relative small numbers we sell out of hatches quickly in the spring. A discount is offered for pickup of birds on the hatch date. In addition, we add 50 cents per week for birds past one week old. We do not ship birds and all items are available for pick up at the farm. No sexing of young birds is done.

During the spring, starter flower and vegetable bedding plants will be on sale. In season extra produce from the farm will be placed on sale at the stand. Turkey, Goose, Duck, and Chicken feathers will be available in the breeds listed above for craft work. We have blown (single small hole) untreated turkey, goose, chicken, and quail eggs in limited quantities for sale for craft and art work.

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Business Hours:

9 - 3 
9 - 5 
9 - 5 
9 - 3 
9 - 3 
10 - 3 

March 01  - October 30 
Sundays and Holidays, it is always recommended to call before visiting. 

Classification of Business:


  • Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale
  • Farm Stand
  • Hatchery
  • Livestock


Meat Products

  • Poultry - Live

Misc Animal Products

  • Poultry Feathers


  • Chickens - Layers
  • Ducks
  • Eggs
  • Feathers
  • Geese
  • Other
  • Pullets
  • Turkeys - Heritage

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