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Reykur Associates Inc

Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Jeff Kurtz
746 Pole Rd, Ringtown, PA 17967
Phone: (570) 401-4843
AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 , Multi-purpose - produces excellent results on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees, and crops.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 , Multi-purpose - produces excellent results on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees, and crops.

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About Us:

We handle Solexx Greenhouses, worms for composting, castings, worm bins and AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer products, approved for use by certified organic food and crop producers nationwide. Improve your whole operation with including:
- Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 (containing kelp and fish macro and micronutrient sources
- Natural Liquid Bonemeal 0-12-0
- Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8

Please visit our website at [url] [url]

All of our products are chemical free and can be handled safely by anyone. No license or permit is required to apply these products, as confirmed personally with the PA Dept of Agriculture.

I have detailed information I can provide on the following topics:

- Soil Applications
- Deep root applications
- Foliar feeding with AGGRAND
- Application rates for small fruits, fruit trees, root crops, leaf crops, cole crops, solanaceous crps, legumes and curcrbits.
- Converting to an Organic or more Sustainable Cropping System
- Specific crop applications, including: Apples, Beans, Berries, Cabbage, Cantaloupe, Citrus, Cotton, Corn, Cucumbers, Garlic, Hay and Pasture, Potatoes, Soybeans, Greenhouse Tomato production, Field Tomato Production, Wetland Rice.

Turf and Landscape Professionals:
- Why Organic Fertilizers outperform chemical fertilizers
- Steps to Natural Lawn Care
- Deep root applications
- A Projection of incorporating an AGGRAND fertilizer program into your services to homeowners and sports turf.

Home & Garden:
- What you should know about fertilizer numbers
- Bedding Plants
- Garden application rates
- Why you should consider going natural
- Natural fertilizer for Lawns, gardens and flowerbeds
- The Gardening Guide

- Golf courses - Farming - Turf Professionals

Please contact me to sign up for our monthly newsletters for each of the product lines.

If you are interested in a business opportunity, the AMSOIL/AGGRAND Company is interested in YOU! I have sponsored many people into the business, and it's remarkably simple. There is no inventory requirement, and training on what our products offer to any type of business or consumer customer.

We sponsor fund raising for clubs (from motorcycle to RV and 4-H), churches and any organization that is looking for help.

Please call me at 570-401-4843 or write My blog is at and

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All Year

Classification of Business:


  • Arboretum/Public Garden
  • Conservation District
  • Master Gardener


  • Farmland Protection


  • Ag Products - Organic - Retail/Wholesale
  • Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale
  • Ag Products - Retail Only
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Equipment - Farming
  • Equipment - Horticultural
  • Equipment - Lawn / Garden
  • Farm Market
  • Farm Stand
  • Fertilizer
  • Fuel
  • Garden Center
  • Greenhouse
  • Lubricants
  • Nursery
  • Supplies - Farming
  • Supplies - Horticultural
  • Supplies - Lawn / Garden
  • Turfgrass - Pesticides
  • Turfgrass - Seed
  • Turfgrass - Sod
  • Vineyard
  • Water Purification


  • Agricultural Consulting
  • Arborist - Tree Fertilization
  • Farm Fresh Garden Vegetable Subscription
  • Forestry - Soil Testing
  • Horticulture
  • Landscaping & Grounds Services
  • Marketing
  • Nutrient Management
  • Organic Farming
  • Soil Fertility



  • Other


  • Microbial Products
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins


  • Other

Soil Products

  • Soil Additives
  • Sustainable


  • Fertilizer

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