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Juniata County, Pennsylvania
RR1 BOX 122, HONEY GROVE, PA 17035
Phone: (717) 734-1072

About Us:

Coulter Farms lies quietly nestled between Shade Mountain and Tuscarora Mountain in Juniata County, midway between Harrisburg and State College. We are proud producers of exceptional grass fed beef, lamb and free range eggs.
Our family manages the rotational grazing of 120 acres of rolling multi-speciated pasture and 90 acres of productive hay fields (organic as of Fall, 2007.) We practice a purely organic farming system, relying exclusively on biological systems to achieve excellence in our soils/pastures/harvested forage/animals. Rotational grazing, cover crops, composting of manure, no-tillage seeding and conservative crop rotations are used extensively. Only the cleanest water runs off our land. We have eliminated all chemical, synthetic, antibiotic inputs and strive to reduce fossil fuel use while making the best possible use of solar fuel.
Ruminant animals at Coulter Farms never taste any form of grain...only mother's milk, lush pasture and fermented hay. Our two-year-old steers (8-month-old lambs) are fully finished, giving ample marbling to the meat. This marbling produces the highest levels of CLA and Omega 3's (not to mention taste and tenderness) in the meat. Wintering beef over a second winter to an age of 24-26 months is time-consuming, but we feel you'll agree that it is well worth the wait.
Processing is handled humanely in a local, USDA certified abattoir. Two to three weeks aging results in the highest levels of taste and tenderness. The product is skillfully cut, flash-frozen and cryo-vac packed to maximize quality and longevity.
A walk-in freezer at our farm allows us to maintain some inventory of meat, but most animals are pre-ordered (you may come select your animal on the hoof' if you like). Beef is available as 1/16's (approx 25 lbs) up to 1/2's or whole animals.
We would appreciate the opportunity to provide your family with what, we are confident, is the best meat available in the grass-fed market. Call or email us for more information. If you come to see us, please remember to bring your kids and boots so we can show you around.
Coulter Farms, Kinley and Rebecca Coulter, RR1 Box 122, Honey Grove, PA 17035 717-734-1072. E-mail:

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