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Calkins Creamery

Wayne County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Jay & Emily Montgomery
288 Calkins Rd, Honesdale, PA 18431
Phone: (570) 729-8103
Happy Founders!

Happy Founders!

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About Us:

Calkins Creamery, constructed in 2006, was built by the Bryant Family on the family farm, with the hope of sustaining the farm across many more generations. The creamery offers farmstead artisan cheeses in the styles of Gouda, St. Paulin, Tomme, Havarti, Caerphilly and Cheddar. All cheeses are produced with only the freshest raw milk from our own herd of registered Holsteins and are aged for a minimum of 60 days right on site at the creamery.
Bill Bryant and his two sons, Zack and Mike, manage the family's herd of 80 registered milking Holsteins. Emily, Bill's youngest daughter, is the cheesemaker. Milk from the herd is transferred directly from the milking barn to the cheese vat via underground process piping. This assures that only the freshest milk is used in the process. With this unique setup, the milk can arrive in the cheese vat with minimal degradation. Most folks don't realize that milk goes through multiple processing steps between cow and consumer, and we've eliminated those steps to deliver the highest quality milk possible.
Once in the cheese vat, the milk is transformed into curds and whey using time, temperature, agitation, culture and rennet. Once the curds and whey separate, the whey is pumped into an outdoor holding tank and is eventually fed to our pigs. The remaining curds are scooped into molds and are pressed for varying amounts of time depending on the recipe. After drying and brining, the cheeses are transferred into our aging room where they will remain for a minimium of 60 days.
We welcome visitors to our farm. Drop by to sample all 10 varieties of cheeses and hop on over to Calkins Creek Vineyard for wine tasting afterward. .
Our cheeses can also be found at a variety of retail locations and at several Pennsylvania restaurants. Contact the creamery or visit our website for more info.

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