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Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranach

Adams County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Julie & David Wysong
580 Basehoar Rd. , Littlestown, PA 17340
Phone: (717) 359-9989
Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch

Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch

About Us:

Welcome to the home of Quarry Critters Alpacas. We are located in Littlestown, PA and are the home to an adorable and high quality, herd of ARI registered alpacas. We breed and raise Huacaya alpacas for resale and for their fantastic fleece.

Both David and Julie have professions other then alpaca farming. Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch was started in 2005 as a fun and profitable way to enjoy our retirement together when that day arrives.

We now have years of experience and a growing herd to share with you. We'd like to invite you to our farm for a visit to see our alpacas and the farm store in person.

Breeding and raising alpacas to sell offers a delightfully rewarding lifestyle and one that many Americans desire; a profitable business on the farm that is not too rigorous to manage. Owning these gentle and charming creatures, watching the births, and raising them to maturity is a peaceful and fulfilling experience. Breeding alpacas can be profitable, too!

Breeding and selling the alpacas is not the only way to be profitable. The quality and value of alpaca fleece and products made from the fleece ensure a sound continuing financial basis to the market. If you choose to show your alpacas, there are opportunities to show breeding quality alpacas across the country and demeonstrate the quality of your herd with ribbons earned.

Alpacas are prized for their fleece that is shorn annually in a manner that does not harm the animals. It's extremely soft, comparable to angora, and yet very strong and extraordinarily warm. It can be used to make a large number of products from the finest thin garments to the fluffiest teddy bears and yarn. Its inflammable nature makes alpaca products safe to wear. Alpaca is popular to everyone in the fiber industry from hand-spinners and knitters to the high fashion industry in Europe.

Here at Quarry Critters, we offer alpaca products for sale: unique one-of-a-kind gifts and custom, hand-made alpaca clothing and accessory garments. We also have raw fiber and handspun yarn availble in natural colors. If you don't own any alpaca yet, you should!

We'd like to encourage you to visit our farm and find out more about the alpaca breeding business. Also, be sure to view our curent sales list online

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Business Hours:

1:00pm - 4:00pm 

Call for an appointment. 717-359-9989. 

Classification of Business:


  • Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale
  • Livestock


  • Fiber Arts
  • Genetic Animal Production



  • Alpacas

Misc Animal Products

  • Fiber
  • Fiber - Processed - Rovings
  • Fiber - Raw
  • Fleece

Misc Products

  • Alpaca Clothing

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