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Mobinol Fuel Company

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Contact: John Savarese, Ph.D., M.D.
119 Hunt Club Dr., Collegeville, PA 19426
Phone: (484) 432-9007
Website: available, Jan.'07,

About Us:

After crop harvesting, the remaining plant material (biomass) often remains unused. For example, after the corn ears are picked the remaining corn stover (stalk, leaves, and husks)goes mostly unused. However, just as corn kernels can be processed into ethanol (as beverage or fuel), corn stover can be processed into ethanol especially for use as liquid fuel. The conversion of biomass requires a different process than is used for corn kernels. The federal government and states including Pennsylvania are backing a major research and development effort to convert biomass to fuel ethanol as a way to decrease our country's dependence on petroleum. Mobinol Fuel Company was recently established to provide a way the small to moderate sized crop farmer can contribute to this national goal. Mobinol has developed new technology for converting biomass into fuel ethanol. This breakthrough will allow the farmer to process corn stover or other plant residue at the farm or on the growing field. Mobinol provides the equipment and technical support to make the process operational. "Making green fuel where green grows" is the Mobinol motto. Farmers can make a cash crop out of waste crop residue while at the same time helping our country lessen its dependence on petroleum fuel.

Converting equipment will be available by mid-2007. Farmers and growers who register now may be eligible for financial support for purchase of equipment and supplies. For further details send an email to

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  • Equipment - Biomass Fuel Conversion
  • Other


  • BioFuel Processing
  • Engineering
  • Fuel Production

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