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Natures Yoke

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Contact: George Weaver
165 North Shirk Road, New Holland, PA 17557
Phone: (888) 469-3447
Always From Cage-Free Hens

Always From Cage-Free Hens

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About Us:

Nature's Yoke is committed to the support of sustainable agriculture, and working with small family farms is one way we accomplish this. Nature's Yoke eggs come from multiple Amish and Mennonite farms throughout Lancaster County, PA and surrounding areas.

Our three primary types of eggs are Certified Organic, Cage-Free Veggie Fed, and Pastured. The Organic eggs are produced on farms that are monitored and approved by PA Certfied Organic. Veggie-Fed means the hens' feed consists of plant foliage and grains, containing no meat scraps or animal by-products. It is made up of alfalfa, corn and soy, along with other vitamins and minerals. Our Pastured eggs come from chickens that live on abundant grassy pastures. They are given access to shelter at all times but are only kept inside during the night and/or when the weather requires.

All our hens are cage-free. They are given space to roam and the freedom to flap their wings, to peck and scratch as they please, adding a healthy dose of insects and various bugs to their diet.

It's all-natural. It's Nature's Yoke!

Please visit us at for details on our complete product line.

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