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Dagus Solar Heaters

Wyoming County, Pennsylvania
Contact: David Gozikowski Jr.
R.R. #1 Box 279, Falls, PA 18615
Phone: (570) 388-2634

About Us:

We manufacture and sell solar water heaters shaped in the form of round wishing wells. We manufacture seven (7) different sizes. The smaller units are used for heating water for home and barn, while the larger units are used to heat water for swimming pools. The Wishing Well Solar Water Heaters, as we call them, are constructed with the use of steel as the frame. We then apply wood to the areas of the solar heater not covered by the polycarbonate clear plastic. A coil of 1" black plastic pipe is coiled around both the upper and lower sections of the solar heater. The length of pipe varies from 350 feet to 1375 feet depending on the size of the solar unit. The 1" black plastic pipe is rated at 160 psi with a potable use labeling. The polycarbonate plastic, about 1/8 inch thickness, is sold as next to unbreakable. The top section of the solar heater is in the shape of a cone and the bottom section is round. The solar units are almost air tight when completey assembled, which allows the water in the coil of black pipes, in some applications, to get very hot.
I'm proud to say we at Dagus Inc. have invented a Solar Water Heater that takes little space, sits in the yard as decoration, is environmentally friendly, made to last, is cost effective, and just plain looks good. The patent office has issued a patent for this unique and beneficial invention and the number is 6,679,247 B1.
Our newest addition to our Wishing Well Solar Water Heaters is the placement of seats and eating area around three of our solar heaters. This combination allows the solar water heater to heat water while serving as a picinic table with seats and a roof. This design works especially well next to the swimming pool.
Dagus, Inc. has been in business for several years at the same place of business in Falls. Pa. We are members of the Wyoming County chamber of commerce, which is located in Tunkhannock, pa.

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